Saturday, January 9, 2016

Turns out, Liam LOVES the beach.

We went to the B & A Flea Market today. Bill is always serious about the flea market. There's no messing around and walking with him. He's on a mission to find any video games he can when he's there. Liam and I walked with his mom and had fun looking at different odds and ends. I picked up a purple polka dot case, a gift for my dad and a couple of the cutest figurines of things I can't mention because they are gifts! ;)

We spotted this woman with a parrot on her shoulder, and we had to stop! They were so nice. She was trying to socialize her parrot. I guess parrots can attach to one person and not like other people if they aren't around any other people. Pretty interesting.

Liam was entertained by the parrot. I couldn't believe how dark green he was.

We always stop at Nautical but Nice when we go to the Flea Market. They have a bunch of beautiful beach themed decorations, clothes, taffy, jewelry etc. Liam was getting tired at this point, but he wasn't going to go to sleep. Silly boy.

Kind of a cool fish dish, right?!

One section of the flea market. There are a ton of vendors at this particular flea market.

Sydney and her dad visited us at the flea market too! These two. They are adorable!

Liam wanted out of his stroller. He had renewed energy after seeing Sydney, and he wanted to play.

They sell baby palm trees there! Can you believe that? Lori wanted to pick one up. We didn't find out how much they cost though...

We went to a Hitbatchi restaurant for lunch. Liam and Sydney shared a meal together. Cuties.

Bill's salmon lunch boat. He shared the shrimp.

Bill's parents love when they cook the food in front of you. We were kind of disappointed he didn't stack the onions and have a fire come out of it. Can you tell, I have no idea what to call it? Haha

It's hard snapping a quick picture of Liam. Sometimes, I resort to turning the camera so it's facing me, and I get Liam to look at me AND smile.

I sent this picture to my sister, and she thought Liam might be blowing a kiss! I'm not sure if he's learned to blow a kiss yet, but it seriously looks like knows.

Bill's dad had to clean up after Liam before we left. Whenever I attempt to clean up after Liam at a restaurant, I always have someone stop me. I'm not sure why. I think they get uncomfortable like they don't want someone else doing their job. Anyone else ever experience this?

Climbing on the rock outside of the restaurant.

Our second time at the beach, and I can safely say it was a success!!!

Bill and I were both incredibly HAPPY that Liam was happy. He wasn't annoyed by the sand. He was entertained by it. He loved to dig in the sand and shake it off his hands.

His smiles and laughs made our hearts happy. We really really wanted him to like everything about the beach.

There were a couple of times we didn't grab him quick enough and some of the salty ocean water got in his mouth. Sand got in his hair and mouth. 

He didn't care one bit. He started making the oooooh sound and quickly started playing again. 

Liam is a trooper.

Gimme all the sand!!


Funny story... We were about to head out the door on the way to airport, Bill asked me if I had Liam's swimsuit packed.

I had an oh crap moment and remembered I left Liam's suit in the Target bag by our shoes in the kitchen. I felt like I spent a decent amount of time packing and thinking about what I'm packing the night before we left, but Liam's swimsuit didn't even cross my mind. How could I possibly forget? Haha

It's a good thing Bill sets reminders on his phone and actually reads them. I set reminders on my phone, but I never bother to read them. I actually find them annoying. I like making a list and looking at it when I want to look at the list.

I'm so encouraged Liam gave the sand a second chance.

Shaking off the sand.


He buried his legs in the sand, and he found his toes.

Babies are the cutest.

SO happy!
Sydney watched Liam for a couple of minutes while we went in the ocean. I got knocked over by a couple of waves and loved it. I find it totally entertaining to face away from the ocean and get surprised by a huge wave. 

Today was an amazing day. We love the ocean and the beach.

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