Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our 4th Anniversary

 I can't believe we just celebrated our 4th anniversary. It's crazy how fast time is going. I'm pretty reflective on our wedding anniversary. I think about our wedding in Florida. I'm literally still happy with all the decisions we made. I'm thankful that Bill wanted a beach wedding as much as I did. It was simple and elegant. Our wedding made sense for us.

 We spent our fourth anniversary by going to Star Wars Force Awakening and then had dinner at the boat. I think we've had a lot of special occasion dinners at the boat. Good times.

It's hard to be healthy at a buffet. Haha

 The little cappacinos are my favorite. Bill loves them too.

I love how they have mirrors as decorations in their restaurant.

 Love him so much!

 Bill drinking his cappuccino.

And our classic selfie picture.


I'm so happy to have you as my partner in life. You make me incredibly happy. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. 

Love you to the moon and back a million times over.



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