Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Liam - 13 Months

Who loves the beach?! I do!!

Get your wookie on!

My new favorite way to smile. :)

Monthly Highlights:

Going to Florida for a week was the biggest highlight

Weight: 24 pounds 4 ounces (Last weighted at 12 months)

Height: 31 inches (Last measured at 12 months.

Hair: Your hair is blonde and brown with a hint of red. Your hair glistens in the sun. Your Papa told me it was easy to spot us when he was picking us up from the airport because of your hair. There aren't many people who have hair like yours.

Eyes: You have true blue almond shaped eyes that we love.

Teeth: You have your two teeth on the bottom, but I can tell your top two teeth are coming in soon.

Clothes: 2T shirts and 18 month pants or 12-18 month pants

My current favorite shirt of yours is a Star Wars shirt that reads, "Get your Wookie on."

Eating: You are eating three meals a day. You like eggs or cereal in the morning, just about anything in for lunch like grilled cheese.

We think you might be allergic to strawberries. :( Your mouth gets red when you eat them so we are pretty sure.

Sleeping: You are still sleeping through the night with no problem. In Florida we had you in a pack n play in our room, and you still slept great. You would wake up in the morning and stand up at one side to find out which parent would wake up first. It was adorable.

Milestones: This month, we went on a family vacation to Florida where we met your Nana and Papa in Jensen Beach for a week. They picked us up from the airport, and you fell asleep right away in your car seat. You had the best time on the beach after you got used to the sand. It was adorable how you would pick up the sand and shake it off your hands.

Saying: You have said mama before. I heard it on the trip when we went to Florida. I got out of the car and got back in, and you looked at me and said, "mama." Last night, I thought for sure you were saying, "hi." You said it several times, but I didn't know if you knew what you were saying.

Likes: You like throwing your toys now. I try not to laugh too much. The other night we were playing catch together with one of your little bath toys. You are too cute for words.

Other things you like are...

brushing your teeth
chewing on nooks
toys that talk or sing
being read to before bed time
KIDZ BOP and Baby Lullaby Radio on Pandora
Playing catch
making funny noises
climbing in your toy basket
smiling and throwing your head back at the same time
your read scooter


Getting dressed
Your gate in the living room
 Putting your winter coat on


trip to Florida
play date with our group
hanging out at Mimi's house
first air plane ride
played on the beach
got splashed by a wave
went on a boat ride with Florida cousins
touched a sting ray

Little Pink Book

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