Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fun Trip to the Shedd

Occasionally, I'll check for free days in Chicago, and I was so excited for the free day at the Shedd! Bill and I decided to go  on Tuesday with Liam.
I love that we get to go in the shorter line because we have a stroller. ;)

Liam was great. He loved the fish.

The cutest little fish you've ever seen!

Little turtle pushing past a lung fish. Lol

Lunch time!

Watching the Aquatic show!


The belugas were awesome!

We had access to all the exhibits, and the coral reef was the best part! Bill loved it too!

The clam was pretty cool! Can you guess which one it was?
I force Bill to take some pictures. Haha He was impressed at how much I was paying attention. When we started dating, I wasn't into museums as much, but they've grown on me in the past few years.

We watched this starfish flip back up!

We saw a quick movie on sea monsters where we got sprayed by several monsters while we sat in the audience.

We wore cool 3D glasses.

What a cutie!

Cool view from the cafe.

Liam played with an older kid when we visited this kid area. The older toddler kept saying, "Touch this button, baby." And when Liam would fall, he would ask, "What are you doing, baby?" 

It was the sweetest thing watching him interact with another kid.

The oddest fish I've ever seen.

About to leave the Shedd! We were all bundled up and Liam was fast asleep in his stroller.

I love being close to Chicago!

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