Friday, January 8, 2016

Fun at the Greek Festival

 Take me to the beach, mama. :)

The waves were really big today.

We found an advertisement for a Greek Festival in Port St. Lucie the other day, and we decided to go to it. It was actually really fun. I had a great time picking out different Greek desserts. Carole and Ron joined us for lunch too. It's awesome that Bill has family here. We always have fun visiting with them.

The gyros were pretty good. There wasn't too much meat though. Ha

Papa stayed in the car while Liam took a nap. We've been leaving for the day around his nap time, and it would be ok if he fell asleep in the car. He's not used to us sitting in the backseat with him so he's too distracted to fall asleep. He always wakes up in a good mood though.

All smiles after his nap. 

He ate pierogi for lunch and LOVED it.

There were several bouncy houses set up at the festival. He loves to bounce and jump around on them.

I think the bouncy houses wore him out afterwards. He was really red.

I forgot how different Florida's grass is compared to what I'm used to in Illinois. The crab grass feels so thick underneath my feet. 

There was a big slide on one of the bouncy houses. It was a workout getting up there, but the smile and laughs coming from Liam made it worth it. He was so happy.

Bill went down with him and surprised both of us by sending him down by himself. Liam didn't seem to mind though. He's so cute with his eyes closed and his little foot up on in the air.

Once he got over the shock, he turned around looking for his dada. What a cutie!

He jumped right into his dada's arms.

We stopped at the beach in the afternoon. Bill and I tried braving the ocean, but we were both a little nervous about the big waves. I'm hoping we will swim in the ocean soon. I have some really good memories our honeymoon when we were swimming in the ocean with our wedding party. Those memories are probably some of the sweetest ones. It's funny how Jensen beach is becoming one of my favorite vacation towns.

The beach was striking this afternoon.

Liam woke up from his nap needing food! Yum 
I tried getting a good picture of Liam with his Star War's shirt on, but it proved to be a challenge. Haha It might be fuzzy to read, but his shirts says, "Get Your Wookie On." Hilarious!

Sydney and Carole stopped over and visited for a little bit. It was so fun watching Liam and Sydney play. Liam was throwing the pillow off the couch and Sydney would throw it back to him. It was adorable. 

The last time we were here, we didn't have Liam, and we were staying at the Marriott where we stayed when we got married. We are doing a lot of the same things though. We are trying out new places, eating amazing fish, swimming in the pool and ocean, walking on the beach at night, taking strawberry daiquiris on the beach, finding new souvenirs at Jammin' Jensen, planning a boating trip, watching TV at night and blogging about all of the above. I have to say I'm enjoying bringing Liam to the pool and beach and introducing him to all the places we love going to when we are here. It's the best.

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