Thursday, January 7, 2016

First time at the BEACH!

We started the day off by showing Liam the ocean!

He got his first look from the living room. He was still for a moment... Ha

Little cutie


Packing his bucket for the beach!

Baby blue eyes

We tried to go to bathtub beach, but it wasn't the same. The cove was gone so it wasn't very calm.

It was pretty though! We decided to go back to the beach at Nana and Papa's condo.

One more picture at bathtub beach.

We stopped at Publix for the basics and for a toothbrush. Someone forgot one. Haha

Bill spotted this little guy while going through a walkway by bathtub beach. Isn't he cool?!

We got home and walked to the beach right away. We found a pelican on the way.

First thoughts: I don't know what to think!

Hmm... Maybe, I like it!

So cute.

One with mama


It's weird walking on the beach! ;)

Soon after this picture, Liam got really annoyed with all the sand on the beach. What is it with all that sandy gritty stuff?He didn't want to walk on the beach or touch the sand. Poor guy. Hopefully, he'll get used to it soon.

First family pic on the beach 

Bill and I got a chance to walk on the beach by ourselves. Before that, we swam in the pool, talked to an older from Wisconsin who told me my husband needed some sun and payed out by the pool by myself! It was so nice just laying there soaking up the sun.

Why do guys hate smiling for pictures? Why??

We had Mexican food for dinner and met up with cousins. :) Sydney was so good with Liam.

We went to Jammin Jensen and looked at all the craft booths.

What a huge crawl dad 

I never smile too soon, because I never know when I'm going to get Liam to look!

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