Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First flight with Liam!

We braved our first trip on a plane with a little one! We were both pretty nervous. Liam was tired when we're at the airport, but he didn't sleep on the plane at all.

He was tired of being in his stroller so we let him free.

Liam was so entertained by everyone around him!

He looks like such a little man.

Whenever I look at this picture I crack up. We both look incredibly scared.

I know I was.

Liam was all about his dada on the plane. We were so fortunate. Liam had his own seat on the plane! I couldn't believe. It wasn't a full plane by any means. The back row behind us was empty too.

The flight attendants were incredibly accommodating. One of them was playing peek a boo with Liam when he started freaking out. I guess some airlines only give out drinks with no snack, but we got a bag of gold fish from the flight attendant. I think it saved us from a big freak out.

He didn't sleep for a minute on the plane, and we got in Nana and Papa's truck and he was out before we had him buckled.

We had dinner at the Dolphin Bar. What an awesome place!

We had a great view.

Liam was so good considering he had been on a plane for 3 hours.

Papa fed him.

What a cutie. Nana bought him a Jensen beach t-shirt and a stuffed turtle.

He did well with his plate.

Bill got tuna.

And I got Shrimp seared with bacon on it. It was AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a better first meal. The rice and beans were good too.

The Dolphin Bar!

We fed the catfish!

He was sad Dad wasn't near him. You still like momma, right? Haha

There is a mansion close to where we are staying, and their Christmas lights are awesome! There is a giant seashell in front.

Our new home!

New shirt!

Someone is ready for the beach! xoxo

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