Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Date Day in Florida

We had an A-MAZING day. Nana and Papa watched Liam while Bill and I went on a date. We had so much fun reminiscing just the two of us.

We are sentimental saps.

Liam eating breakfast.

Our Florida cousins let us borrow their car for the day. So nice! We stopped at The Original Pancake House for breakfast where Bill got a Dutch Baby.

Can you tell how happy he was?! All it took was breakfast.

It looked different, but it wasn't too bad!

I had breaded chicken and a waffle. I told Bill it was the best breakfast I've ever had. He told me that I was basically calling chicken the best breakfast food. I told him I was eating like a southerner, and it was completely different than just plain chicken. ;)
After breakfast, we browsed our favorite Barnes and Noble in Florida. They had little baby Valentine's books. I got one for Liam. I'm hoping he like reading it on the plane. I mean chewing on it. Ha
We made several sentimental stops. We had to go to the House of Refuge. Bill loves trying to avoid the water when it splashes up. I like it too. 
Classic Bill 
We took some of our wedding pictures here. I loved how they turned out.

Bill made the comment that no one would think he was a local in his floral shirt. Hehe
Random hole.
Enjoying our day out! 
We spotted a pelican on the beach. I'm going to miss them!

I tried getting closer, but he flew away to look for lunch.

We tried to get a picture of us. Our first attempt is pretty hilarious. 

Much better. I had a hard time with the wind.
Love this place!

Ahhh! Bill wanted a picture of me running away from the water. 

After we got married, we went to Disney World, but before we officially left Jensen Beach, we stopped at several beaches. We stumbled upon a Dog Beach, and I fell in love with it. What is cuter than a bunch of dogs running around and playing on a beach together? It's adorable!

Bill jokes around about not liking dogs. I think he likes them deep down. He made a comment that the orange red dog in this picture was pretty cute. He surprises me sometimes.

Cool shell Bill found.
Look at those cute dog prints!!

My note to Kitty on the beach. We love you, Kittle! See you soon.

Bill saw me writing a message in the sand and decided to write his own. How juvenile. Hahah

I had to write a response back. ;)

I want to relive today.

I'm convinced we need to live closer to the beach so we can do fun things like outrunning the water on the beach.

Good excersise. 

We couldn't figure out what this was. 

Bill thought it was possible it could be alive so he threw it in the ocean. 

The huge shell I found!

We had Conchy Joe's for lunch. The cover of their menu is so creative!

Hmm... What should I order?

Just the two of us.

We ordered the biggest drink I've ever seen. Ha


Conch fritters for our appetizer.

I had the Grouper covered in Special K. 

It was hands down the best fish I've ever had. 

We can't remember what Bill had for lunch, but he told me my meal was better. I was proud of myself because he usually orders the better meal.

Bill spotted two Pelicans close by us.

Liam with Papa. Good thing Nana was awake. Haha

We stopped at a car show and Sydney was there too. It was so cute watching them play this trip. Liam loved her! It was sad saying goodbye! We had such a good time with the Florida cousins.

We went to Shuckers for dinner. I was especially excited to go there since we got married there on the beach. I always have a fun time reminiscing about our special day.

Liam trying a lemon. I'm going to upload a video soon. Too funny.

My first attempt at a group selfie.

Liam running off after dinner.

He was done with his high chair!


All of us together at Shuckers.  Love you guys!

Bill's mom asked us if we wanted to walk back to the condo so we did! It turned out to be really fun. 

We only got splashed a few times. The water was warm. I didn't mind at all.

What good memories! I'm going to miss Florida more than ever. I can't believe it was my third time staying in Jensen Beach. I can see why Bill's family has been going here for decades. I love it here too.

Why can't we just stay here for a month?! If only that were possible. We love you, Florida. 

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