Monday, January 11, 2016

A day on the boat!

When we got to Florida the first night, Bill and Lori asked us what we wanted to do most. I wanted to be on a boat. I had to be on a boat at some point on the trip. Ha I love spending a day doing nothing but watching the water for dolphins or manatees, basking in the sun, fishing, watching Liam be amazed by it all and holding onto the boat while we go fast. It's the best.

Ready for the day!

Liam wasn't too happy about his life jacket. Ha Fortunately, he got used to it. He was absolutely adorable in it. 

His little shoes were perfect for Florida. 

Amazed by the water.

The houses in the inlet are amazing. We went out with Carole and Ron when we were in Florida a couple of years ago, and I loved looking at the extravagant homes.

Poor guy. He looked like a turtle. ;)

Liam loved being a part of the action and watching Ron steer the boat.

He felt like a big guy. 

I've seen a lot of Pelicans on this trip. I love the pictures I have of them. They are completely unique and huge!

Houses on the inlet.
It's fun to dream about living in one of these homes.

Dolphins were close by the boat.

I loved the color of this home. It reminded me of a true Florida color.

Just gorgeous! 

I hung out in the back of the boat when we were going fast.

Bill helped Liam settle down when he was overly tired. He's so good at calming him.

I held him when he slept.

For lunch we pulled up our boat and ate at Twisted Tuna.

I loved the color of this restaurant!

Waiting for his lunch.

I got the Mahi Mahi. 
Bill had fish tacos. I should have ordered them.

Ready to eat.

Liam played with his fries. Everything was really good.

We ordered Chocolate lava cake. I had a couple of bites. It was great, but I felt too guilty eating it. 

Does anyone else feel that way when they eat dessert?

Liam with Nana.

Looking cute!

My little surfer boy.

Another pelican! I can't get enough.

I never knew there were brown pelicans.

He loved the speaker on the boat! 

This is so cool, mom!

Nana teaching Liam the sign for water.

Just chillin on the boat.

I didn't realize I took this picture until I was looking at my pictures tonight.

It reminds me of summer. I know I'm going to need to remember the warmth of Florida when I go back to Illinois. 

Liam fell back asleep when we were head back. Ron was going really fast (my favorite part of the boat ride), and we found out, it puts Liam to sleep within minutes!

You can't even see him with all the clothing he is wearing.

Bill took this picture. Love it!

Bill and his dad went down to the beach and started fishing when we got back to the condo.

He caught a catfish! 

I stayed up in the condo while Liam slept. Bill sent me a text to come out to the balcony and snapped a picture.

Bill and I went out to a couple of stores and picked up pizza for everyone. We stopped by the causeway while we waited for the pizza.

We saw a family fishing. One of the guys caught a frog fish. I didn't know there was fish named that. 

I'm going to have to google a picture now. What a weird name! LOL

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