Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, Liam!

Liam, today you turn ONE! I know every parent says this, but time really does fly. Especially when you're having fun!

You have grown so much this year! I'm incredibly thankful for all the pictures we have from each month. There's one picture where your laying in my arms staring up at me smiling. You are wrapped in a blanket too. I remember being shocked when I looked down at you and you were smiling so big at me. It was one of the first times!

I don't have this picture, but I remember when you were maybe two weeks old and I was goofing around with you and you reached out your hand towards me. I know this may not sound significant, but I was thrilled you were reacting to me when you were a newborn!

I remember laying you on the couch next to me and you stared right up at your dad next to you. Now, I know babies study faces, but the way you two looked at each other in that moment melted my heart. It was the best feeling watching you two bond, and I captured it forever on my phone.

I have an incredible amount of memories I could write about in this post, and many of them would start with how I remember you smiling or interacting with me. I love everything about your personality. You are my goofy, smart, determined and sweet boy, Liam. You always amaze me. 

Your dad I love you to the moon and back! 

Happy 1st Birthday, Liam!

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