Monday, November 30, 2015

Life Lately

The Life Lately has been filled with a lot of Christmas movies and music, Christmas planning, a fun day trip to Chicago, planning for Liam's first birthday party, and different projects.

Here's life lately friends!

We went right Grand Luxe Cafe where we ate lunch with my mom, Liam and Paula this summer! 

Made a stop to search for the Eataly. :)

We made it to Eataly and had amazing desserts!

I loved looking at all the different kinds of dessert.

There were a lot of sections to Eataly. 

We tried each of them, and I could barely finish one. It was incredibly rich!

I had the best time hanging out with everyone! :) We can all live close and still do a lot together.

We went to a fun drop-in play center with our friends and had a blast.

Liam loved the cars! He couldn't get enough driving time! Haha

The first snow of the season happened the other week, and I loved it!!

And.... I have a little clip of Liam sharing with his cousins! So cute. :)

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Katie K. said...

Love love love!!! What fun we've been having! Can't wait for more holiday adventures :)