Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kitty's New Sibling

Kitty has an interesting relationship with my mom's new cat, Tinker. Kitty is the older sibling who is mad the new younger sibling has fun new toys and she doesn't. She'll repeatedly bark at Tinker when she's playing with a toy. My mom ends up giving her one of the cat's toys for a little bit. We've had problems with Kitty chewing and eating stuffed toys so we never let her go to far with one.

I'm so glad Kitty still acts young even though she's 9. 

We were over at my mom's house tonight. I've only heard about Kitty and Tinker playing together, but I've never seen them in action until tonight.

It started with Tinker staring Kitty down. It's hilarious watching the way they interact. They're so playful.

They take turns batting at each other. 

What cuties!!

We were watching Elf tonight.

Everyone was tired except the animals...

The first time I held Tinker!

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