Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Meg!

When Megan came home last December,   I never thought she would come back the next year to stay for a couple of years. It was such a surprise. Honestly, it was one of the best surprises. I think it's so fun we get to do the normal and fun things people enjoy doing when they live close together like making quick and spontaneous plans to hangout. 

I'm so happy school is going well for her, and I cannot wait to celebrate the holidays with her here with us. Everything is better when your whole family is together. Wouldn't you agree? Last Thanksgiving, we were all together for a fun day and then two weeks later, we were welcoming Liam into the world. I have a feeling this year will be special too as we celebrate Liam's first birthday and have a blast partaking in all of our favorite holiday traditions. 

Another great thing about this year? We celebrated Meg's birthday with her! It's been a while since we're able to do that. I feel so lucky. Tonight we went to a local brewery of Meg's choice. Liam stayed with his cousins, and we actually had adult time. :) We got the cutest picture of Liam drinking a sippy cup with his twin cousins. I love when there all together. 

Anyway, I can express how excited I was to spend Meg's birthday with her. Love you, Megster!

P.S. I had to take a couple of pictures of Kitty before we left for dinner. She was so cute. 

And one of Liam from earlier in the day when he was trying to grab my phone!

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