Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun at the Field Museum

We took advantage of the free day at the Field Museum on Friday. We left mid afternoon and picked my mom up from work.

We saw the Back to the Future car on the road. 

Liam got to play in the kids play area. He was a little small for everything, but he loved the tunnel.

View from the Field Museum.

Sweety. (Sweetie or Sweety. Same thing. Sometimes, I purposely spell it wrong.)

Love the view.

Mom pushed Liam in his stroller to get him to sleep. 

The gem section was my favorite. I'm always impressed by it.

A couple was taking staged photos before us. It's always a fun idea. 

I sent this picture to my mom while she was helping Liam sleep. She didn't know what was going on. Haha

Touring Hawaii.

And he fell asleep!

And he's up again. He found a button. :)

I thought this scene was awesome. It almost makes me excited for winter.

Bill gave Liam a kiss. And the cutest thing happened afterwards.

Liam gave Bill the biggest kiss! It was SO ADORABLE!

And a family picture!

A tired baby after a long day. 

There were a couple of planes flying pretty low. 

Checking out the water.

Bill had me drive through the loop. Ahh It was my second time. I think the bicyclists were by far the most nerve wrecking part.

People dressed up for Halloween.

After the museum, we went to Phil's house before going out to dinner. Liam actually liked being put in their coffee table. It confined him, and he didn't mind. Hah

We took a selfie after dinner with Phil and his girlfriend Katie. Now, we just need one more with Meg!

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