Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Things I Love About My Sister

I'm loving having Meg back home. I literally can't get over how easy it is to spend time together. She was gone for 2 to 3 years living elsewhere, and I'm so thankful she's back home at least for a little while.

On Friday, we went out for lunch together at an Indian place. Meg got the lunch buffet, and I ordered lamb Biryani.

They give a HUGE serving of Biryani. I ordered it medium to hot. It's spicy but not too spicy. Meg and I both agree, we are going to split it next time instead of ordering two different things.

I could have Biryani every single day of the week. I love it that much. The other thing I adore about Indian food? The garlic naan. It's A-MAZING.

After lunch we browsed Christmas decorations at Home Good and had an awesome and wonderful time together. My sister is one of my favorite people and here's why:

{Taylor Swift's concert at Soldier Field. ;) }

1. She loves her family.

I always know Meg cares about us with the way she takes the time to catch up, hang out, and ask us about our lives. None of those things are something to take for granted.

2. I can tell her my honest opinions... I can be real with her.

Meg is one of my people. We can tell each other what we think without holding back.

3. She loves Liam.

When Liam was born, we started calling her Super Aunt, because she helped me with just about everything I needed while she was home. She ran errands for me, helped me go to Liam's first doctor appointment, helped clean, organized Liam's things, and hung out with me and my baby when I first had him. She is Super Aunt. Now that she's home, she is always thinking of Liam and wanting to take care of him. We're really lucky to have her.

4. We love to talk.

We talk about all sorts of things. It's comforting to have siblings who understand you.

We can talk about difficult topics.

There are times where I don't always realize how I feel about certain situations, or I need someone to help me sort out my thoughts. She has a way of helping me realize things and so does Bill.

5. We love the same stuff.

Bill has told me many times he thought Meg would like different movies and TV shows than I do. He realized, we definitely have similar tastes for the most part. We LOVE Christmas movies and Romantic Comedies. We also like some of the same TV shows such as The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community, Glee, Breaking Bad, etc.

And then there are shows we don't agree on like Nashville. Meg cannot stand Nashville.

Don't worry, I forgave her a while ago. ;)

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