Monday, October 26, 2015

Normal People Celebrate Christmas in December

I have a confession... I put up 2 small Christmas trees in our bedroom today. I set them up, and Liam was fascinated. He loved looking at them and wanted to touch the lights. 

I even put an ornament on one of them. I felt very confident about it for around 10 minutes. 

Afterwards, I felt so guilty... I was basically saying I didn't care about Halloween or Thanksgiving. It felt wrong. So wrong that I took the decorations down, they went straight into my closet. I felt odly better about the situation once they were out of sight. 

I remember how I started listening to Christmas music during October two years ago. I definitely enjoyed it, but I noticed when I was still listening to my favorite holiday music in December, I was sick of it! And honestly that's horribly sad. 

Anyway I moved past the decorations debacle and made a few smoothies. I always make one for Liam. He hates being spoon fed or fed by anyone in general. Smoothies are perfect since he can pick up the bottle and feed himself. Also, it's incredibly easy for me to throw a bunch of healthy foods in my Vitamix to make a smoothie. It's our go-to. 

We had dinner at the farm and were the last ones to leave. 

Auntie Meg came over, and Liam fell asleep on her for the second time! He loves his Aunties. 

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