Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Fall List

My Fall List

Sunday, Monday , or Whatever Day Football... Twid wears his Cutler jersey, and I cannot get enough of his cuteness.

Apple Orchards with Cider Donuts... Sometimes, they have Pumpkin donuts! I've been to my favorite one twice this fall, and I'm hoping to go two more times.

Pumpkin Bars... I adore the pumpkin bar recipe from Food Network. I've brought it to family dinner nights and other occasions.

I'm planning a trip to the Field Museum sometime this month, and I cannot wait to go! Trips to Chicago during the fall are my favorite.

Halloween Parties... A kid one and an adult one. Our costumes are a surprise even though I managed to forget and tell someone. I'm great at secrets.

We're going to a Family Reunion. It's on Bill's side not mine. I'm wondering how this one will go and who I will talk to during it. 

We're square dancing?! I know this will be fun even though I'm pretty sure I don't remember how??

I'm thinking about hosting a get together with my FYI mom friends at the farm if it works out. A pot luck with babies in Halloween costumes sounds like a great idea!

I'm so excited to go visit my friend Sarah in New York soon. We're going to have a great time!

Other Things I'm Looking Forward to this Fall...

Baking Halloween treats for parties.

Catching up on the audio books I have on my Audible app. I love Audible. 

Capturing the fun moments we have this fall here on the blog. 

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