Monday, October 19, 2015

Life Lately

Hay rides, crafts, naps, pumpkins, a family reunion and beautiful fall days are everything we have been enjoying this fall.

This is our life lately...

We went craft shopping with Auntie Taylor, and she snapped this picture. Her beautiful wreath is on top of the cart.

My sleeping baby. I can't get enough of his sweet face.

We took care of the animals while Nana and Papa were on vacation. I threw some food next to Liam for picture purposes. ;)

I thought this kitty was super photogenic when I was taking the picture.... Now, I'm convinced she is pissed. Ha

My dad stopped over for a visit with Liam. Liam had woken up from a nap and was uncharacteristically calm. We know he's tired when he will sit with us. It never happens otherwise.

Bill came home one day from work and offered to take us on a tractor ride. Liam was intrigued. I love this picture!

My Kitty!! Kittle has been sweet when I stopped over. She's always sweet. I've been making more of an effort to take her picture when I see here. She's 9 going on 10, and I want to soak up all the time we have left with her. I hate even admitting there will be a time when she isn't with us. We love her to the moon and back!

Little sweetheart... She loves bathing in the sun light on the couch.

Did I mention Kitty has a new friend? She's an actual kitty. My mom named her Tinker. They get along like siblings.  They love napping together.

Just chillin'. We love watching them together.

Isn't she cute? Tinker came from the farm. I think she's pretty lucky to live indoors. Haha

We had a family reunion this weekend. So much fun.

Liam enjoyed the food. He's really good at picking up his food now. He uses his index finger and thumb to pick up each piece of food. It's adorable.

Tom met his long lost twin at the reunion. Haha Don't they look alike though?

We went on a few hay rides. Liam wasn't too into it. I'm not sure why.

Tom and Taylor had their engagement photos taken, and afterwards, I snapped a few pictures of them on the grain bin. I'm not a huge fan of climbing up the grain bin, but I really wanted to get these pictures!

The angle you can get is amazing. Bill came around in the tractor and was VERY surprised to see me sitting up on the grain bin. Ha

I had to take a picture to prove it. I don't like heights, but I would like to overcome that.

Liam usually wakes up happy! He's such a joy. Love him!

The sunset from tonight. Beautiful!

We're still taking pictures with our big pumpkin!

Bill and I have been watching The Last Man On Earth since season one. The show is currently in season two, and we love it.

I like finding shows we can watch together and both enjoy. I only wish this show was longer than 30 minutes! Have you watched it before?

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