Thursday, October 15, 2015

Liam - 10 Months

Liam cheering on the Bears in his Baby Cutler Jersey!

Playing at the field with his cousins.

A fun trip to the mall with Auntie Meg. We had so much fun walking around and talking.

Walking in the pool!

Visiting the sweetest therapy dog at the library.

Highlights from this month: You went on your first combine ride with me and your dada. You were a little crazy. Haha You didn't want to sit. You insisted on crawling around and putting your hands on the window to look out at the field.

Liam, you went to an Apple Orchard with our FYI mom's group. You had fun crawling on hay bales. Of course, you were growling while exploring them! You absolutely loved seeing the animals. They had donkeys, chickens and ducks. 

Weight: You weighed 22 pounds and 13 ounces at your 9 month appointment.

Height: You were 29.5 inches at 9 months.

Hair: Your hair is looking more and more blonde! It's also getting thick! Since you have more hair, you are looking like an older baby! (I can't believe you're going to be 1-years-old in 2 months! Two months!)

Eyes: Your eyes are a true blue and almond shaped. No doubt about it. You have long brown eyelashes, and your eyebrows are BLONDE.

Clothes: I have you in 24 month onesies and 2T shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve). For pants, you are in 18 months. I like the 24 month onesies for you since they don't look baggy with your pants.

Eating: You are eating 6 to 7 ounces of milk. You use your sippy cups during the day and a bottle at night. You like green juice, all smoothies, fruit or vegetable pouches, puffs, chicken and meat loaf.

Sleeping: Your normal is to sleep 12 hours a night. Typically, I put you down at 8:30 p.m. or before, and you wake up at 8 or 8:30 a.m. You are taking 2 naps a day. One around 11 a.m. and the other around 3 p.m.

Likes: You like puffs, meatloaf, playing outside, golf cart rides, dogs (you're warming up to cats), leafs, twigs, laughing, smiling, cups, plates, and any Tupperware. You seriously love cups and plates.

You LOVE growling. Sometimes, you pick up a cup and growl into it so it sounds really loud when you do it. When we picked you up after church on a Sunday, the lady told me and your dad the funniest thing ever. She said, "Your son growls a lot." 

We couldn't stop laughing. 

Dislikes: You absolutely hate getting changed and putting on clothes. 

You're not a fan of yogurt unless it is in a smoothie.

One thing that has changed? You are slightly more patient when it comes to waiting for your food.

Milestones: You can stand on your own for a few seconds at a time.

You crawl really fast.

You hold your own sippy cup while you drink.

You love feeding yourself. You pick up your own food like a pro.
You walk along furniture. You are Mr. Independent, and you are super busy.

You love the Happy Baby Pose.

You have no sign of teeth at all. Your Nana told me that your dad and his siblings didn't get teeth till they were older. I'm assuming you will be the same. Your Mimi (my mom) can't believe you have no teeth. I got my first tooth at 4 months! Looks like we will get to call you, "Gummy!"

Outings: We went on a little trip to the mall with your Auntie Meg last week. You did pretty well. I love that you are content in your stroller and love looking around at all of your surroundings. Another fun thing you did? You went to your older cousin's Cheer game. It was fun bringing you there. You wanted to be right up next to the Cheer squad. You couldn't stay in one spot for too long. 

You also went to Kuipers for a second time! You went with Auntie Meg, and we picked up more Cider Donuts and a few Pumpkin donuts! 

Your Mimi watched you one night while we went out to dinner with Nana and Papa to visit Auntie Meg at work. Can you tell our family is close? We hang out and visit each other a lot. Auntie Meg was working as a bartender, and she gave us generous wine pours during our tasting.

We went to the library, and you got to see a therapy dog. You adored the Labrador and were all smiles when you were petting her. 

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