Saturday, October 24, 2015

Family Fall Hike

We headed to Starved Rock this morning with my mom and sister. I hadn't been there for a few years. Bill and I went there when we were dating. We took silly pictures and didn't care about what anyone thought. Oh, I forgot to mention... My hair was incredibly long back then. This was before I had a sweet little baby pulling on my hair. 

Anyways, this time my hair was shorter because of all the hair pulling. We brought a lot more things with us. We were excited for the same things though. Fall colors! This time, we were able to share the experience with Liam and my family!

We packed Liam in a borrowed back pack on Bill. He loved it for a while! 

All ready to go!

He got a short break from his pack and sat on Bill's shoulders.

Mom and Meg.

Liam had some time to explore. He sat on this log and wanted to get off it so he could eat some leaves.

Meg took a turn holding Liam. 


Such a fun walk. We're talking about making it a tradition.

He got so tired, he fell asleep on Meg. So  sweet!

What a sweetie!

Fast asleep.

I brought the perfect crossbody bag. It was a great replacement for a diaper bag. I hate carrying a diaper bag. There way too bulky. I had a birp rag, 2 diapers, wipes, a sippy cup and formula with me. Who needs a diaper bag!?

Meg in the cavern.

Love you, sweetie!


Meg's hair looks so much darker than mine! 

About to try out some leaves. I heard they taste better than the ones at home...

Yep, they're delicious.

A fun family hike!

Liam was crying and Meg managed to take a cute picture despite the tears.

We stopped for lunch at their lodge. Liam woke up halfway through.

There was this insanely pretty tree on our way out. 

Meg was laughing at mom for taking more pictures. This is pretty typical.

Liam on the way home!

I feel super thankful I can have family's days like this one! What's better than days like this one? 

I was obsessed with taking pictures of the leaves. I couldn't help it.

They were so pretty! There's something about the leaves changing that makes me ready for cooler days where I get bundled up in a warm vest, boots, scarf and hat of some sort. Fall clothing is so comfy. 

Hope you had a great day. 

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Victoria Taylor said...

I Love Nature Walks, so pretty! you guys are just too cute! love the cross bag! It looks like my kinda shove everything into and slap over my shoulder kinda bag!!! capture all the leaves and family shots you's beautiful! xo