Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Lately

Here is our life lately! We've been busy soaking up every last bit of summer. It is hard saying goodbye to the warm days filled with sunshine, time outside, and pool time! Hopefully, we'll have more of that in our future. :)

Liam enjoying a "forte" made by his older cousin, Reese.

We had breakfast with Papa twice in the past two weeks. Those spontaneous texts asking us to go to breakfast our the best.

I love when Liam is tired and takes a break from "running" around to snuggle with me. Precious boy.

Liam LOVES Kittle. It's fun watching them interact. I think Liam tires her out.

Friday of last week was fun. We had a family night out!

I love his smile!

Playing with his ardvark.

We said our goodbyes to Grandma this past weekend.

Liam spent some time with his Auntie Meg, Uncle Phil and his Mimi.

On our way to pick up Liam.

Liam posing for a picture with his cousins. They just love each other!

When we got back from Grandma's funeral, Liam snuggled with me and cooed. It was the cutest thing. He was so happy to see us.

He blew bubbles on his tray at dinner. He would look up after a little bit to see if we were laughing, and then, he would go back to blowing more bubbles! What a goof!
Lee Lee had fun playing at Auntie Taylor and Uncle Tom's engagement party on Sunday! What a great party, and of course, the decorations and food was amazing!

We couldn't be more excited for their special day!

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