Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Difference between this year and last year

The differences between this year and last year are huge! Last year at this time, I was around 24 weeks pregnant, and I felt really swollen and big. Liam was starting to get bigger and was becoming more active.

My mom and I had gone to the water park for a couple of hours on a Sunday and decided to go to Kuipers afterwards for apple cider donuts. We enjoyed walking around their big shop inside full of fall and Halloween decorations, wonderful smelling candles, Christmas paraphernalia, donuts, fudge, half and full gallons of apple cider, and endless amounts of fall goodness. Things were seemingly normal except for the cute little baby kicking me. We were on our way out to our car after buying our donuts, and I was stopped in my tracks. Liam was kicking my left side with a vengeance. I stopped walking and was leaning over from the intensity of his legs poking my side. I was impressed he could stop me from walking!

This year was a different story.

Instead of being halfway through a pregnancy, we had Liam with us. :) I can't get over how much fun it is to have him hanging out with us oohing and ahhing (in his own way) about the different things he discovers. He looked at the goats they had outside, posed inside an apple (see picture above) and enjoyed being pushed in the cart.

Another big difference this year compared to last year?

MEG was with us!! I love love having my sister home where she can hang out with us all the time.

Liam looking out.

Watching the goats.

They don't look to thrilled about my picture taking.

And.... One of me and Liam by the tractor.

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