Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Lately

A couple of weekends ago, we were coming home from Wisconsin. I can't get over how much fun we had together. I left Wisconsin knowing that I would remember and reminisce this trip for a long time to come. I miss being with my family, and I want to hang out with them soon!

Liam and I went on a play date on a Tuesday. We visited a small farm. Liam skipped a nap, but he still had fun. I was proud of him. Ha

They had Bantam chickens.

And birds that I can't remember the name of right now.

An African Goose... Have you ever seen one?

After visiting the zoo, Liam and the other kids played at the park. Of course, he found twigs that he tried to eat until I stopped him. He is fascinated with twigs and leafs! He can't get enough of them!

We had a makeshift "breakfast bar" at our condo in Wisconsin, and we recreated it at home this week. Liam loves picking up his food and feeding himself. We have since rearranged the living room and baby proofed even more.

I couldn't believe how happy Liam was when he woke up the other day! He was ALL smiles!!

It makes my day when he wakes up in a great mood. He started bobbing his head back and forth last weekend, and he has kept it up this week. It's adorable, and he thinks he's cool while he's doing it. I think he's cool too.

Check out the video below of Liam bobbing his head!

We went to Target the other day with Papa and Aunt Taylor. We had Liam try on a fun French hat. I love how cute he looks in this picture!

We tried to get a picture of Liam with Taylor's sunglasses on, but it was definitely a challenge. I loved the pictures we snapped before he yanked the glasses off of his head.

His nose is ADORABLE! Ahaha Cutie!

AND... One more.

My sister and I went to my library on Friday, and they had a comfort dog there! Liam is fond of dogs and loved this one! I also enjoyed seeing the dog. There's something very comforting about a sweet dog.

My dad went with my in-laws on Friday night to paint at the Chilled Pallet. My father-in-law bought a French hat for the occasion. Love his sense of humor!

Selfie with my little Pete. (We like calling Liam "Pete" sometimes.)

I stopped over at my mom's house to pick up paperwork, and I snapped a few pictures of Kitty.

So sleepy.


Did you know Michaels has their Christmas decoractions out on display? Yes, their CHRISTMAS decoractions! Liam was a huge fan of them.

We also stopped by the fall decor. We picked up fall leaves and pumpkins to display on a couple of tables.

Now, this picture cracks me up! Puffs and candy were strewn all over Liam. He didn't mind one bit! #helovespuffs #hewisheshecouldhavecandy


Liam's Grandpa brought home a massive pumpkin. I've never seen one that looked quite like this one.

The best picture we got from the bunch.

We almost got one with all of us!

Little Pink Book

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Family Getaway

I've wanted to go on a family vacation for a few years now, and we finally did it! This past weekend will be one to remember. It was filled with time at the pool, dinner with my family, board games, and fun catching up with each other. We left on Friday for the Dells and stayed at a condo at the Wilderness from Friday night through Sunday night. I didn't want to leave the Dells after our stay was over. It was one of those trips I'll remember forever, and of course, I want to capture the highlights on my blog.

On the way up to Wisconsin, we were going through the line at McDonalds, and I jumped out to take a picture of my little Pete. He could see me through the window and gave me one of his classic grins. I love my little buddy.

Liam woke up from a nap after we got to the hotel in the Dells. What a big yawn!

Up and ready to party the whole night.
We put him in his swimsuit that is basically a life vest.

He wasn't a fan.

He was pretty amazed by the kiddie pool. It was a lot of fun showing him around and watching him play in the water.

Don't you just love his outfit? I can't get enough of it! We put regular socks on his feet. They were getting scratched up by the pool, and we wanted to protect them.

 My mom and Liam!!

Ahhhhh What is this??

A family photo from the Dells. :)


My mom and Liam.

He was getting really tired at this point.

Hanging out at the DOME.

Meg and Bill.

Of course, we had to visit Moosejaw. Liam played with his puffs. Clearly, they entertain him.

Bill with his beer flight.

My favorite beer from this flight was the Pumpkin Ale.

A picture of me and my sweetie.


Another family pic.

We had a great time hanging out with each other and getting a chance to talk for long periods of time in the best hotel/condo ever.

Little Pink Book