Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life Lately: Summer Fun

***Tractor Show***

We hung out by Bill's tractor he brought to the show.

I love water squirted into my mouth! Hahaha

Ahhhh!! Water!!!

Wait that's in my face!

Where's the spray water bottle??

Can you squirt water in my mouth again? Please?

Liam loves my glasses.

My dad feeding Liam his favorite food... PUFFS!

"I pledge allegiance...."

Riding on Auntie Meg's shoulders.

Liam LOVES his cousins. Just loves them. ;)

Can't believe he's sitting on a tractor.

Enjoying his barrel ride at the Tractor Show.

***Our Day in Chicago***

On the train for the first time with Liam, and Paula was with us!

Enjoying a day in Chicago with Paula!

We had lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe.

He tried mashed potatoes for the first time.
I had a great time taking Liam to my favorite spots in Chicago.

So sweaty and so cute.

Liam enjoyed watching all the people!

We rode on the water taxi for the first time.

 We had dinner with Phil by the train!

***Elburn Days Parade***

What a happy Pete.

Watching the parade and eating his dinner.

Too Cute for words.

Smiling with his Auntie Meg.

Liam met Minnie, and I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to bring him to Disney for the first time.
Auntie Meg walking in the parade.

***Other Fun Moments***

Liam cuddled with me after his nap! What a sweetie.

Bill made an amazing breakfast.


Hobby Lobby Trip with Auntie Meg!

I got a big haircut for me! I usually love to have long hair, but after Liam pulled on it for 8 months, I was willing to part with it. I cut 6 inches off!

Liam received his first pair of shoes from his Grandpa! #MerrelClogs

Liam met my good friend, Michelle, again today. He was so good at dinner!

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