Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Liam - 8 Months

Highlights from this month: Liam, you got your introduction to midwest festivals/fairs this month. You went to the Tractor Show almost everyday that it was open this year, and you went to the Elburn Day's Parade to watch your Auntie Meg walk in the parade! You got so happy when you saw her. She walked over to you, and you pulled her shirt a little and smiled at her. I love that you recognize her now. You love your Auntie Meg.

Weight: Hmm... Not sure. My arms get tired holding you for long periods of time!

Height: Last measured at 6 months - 28 inches

Hair: Your hair is turning colors! It looks like a combination of light brown, red and blonde. In the sun, it looks like it's a strawberry blonde.
Eyes:  Your eyes are getting to be a lighter shade of blue. They look like a true blue to me.

Clothes: You wear 24 months and 2T.

Eating: You're drinking 6 to 7 ounces of milk per feeding and eating solids too. You like pumpkin, banana, apple sauce, rice cereal and peas and carrots. You LOVE PUFFS!! Your Dada started giving you puffs at 6 months, and now, you are becoming skilled at picking them up and putting the puffs in your mouth.
We have sippy cups with a straw that you like using in between meals or when we're in the car.

Sleeping: You are sleeping through the night again. YAY!
Likes: You love when I talk to you in a funny voice! Your laugh is to die for. It's a combination of a giggle and a deep belly laugh. ADORABLE.

You stand up for long periods of time and look at your toy in your hand. You stand up at the couch, TV, and the printer. You're getting good at it.

You rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue, and I'm convinced you like the clicking sound it makes when you do that.

Toys, Toys and more Toys. You love looking through your basket of toys in the living room.

You crawl to me when I'm in the kitchen and hang out with me when I'm cleaning or baking. You're great company. :)

You absolutely love finding leafs everywhere! Of course, you love trying to eat them as well. Ha

Dislikes: You hate putting on clothes. Absolutely hate it. I'm hoping that you will grow out of this stage soon. Haha 

Milestones: You started crawling on your hands and knees the other week! It was slow at first. You would crawl for a little bit and go back to army crawling. After a bit, you started crawling all the time. You made me and your dad so proud!

Your baby talk is starting to sound more like words. It's pretty exciting!

You are standing all the time now. You love to stand anywhere.

Your dad, me, and you were in the basement the other night cleaning, and we looked over to where you were at and noticed you had climbed one stair. You were standing up on a stair. We were both shocked, and I ran over to you and grabbed you before you fell.

Outings:  You went to the Tractor Show and rode on the barrel ride. I actually rode it with you. So fun!

You met Minnie at the Elburn Days Parade! It made me think about how excited we are to bring you to Disney someday! I can't wait to see your expressions and reactions to Disney.

We went out to dinner with your Grandpa at the diner in my hometown, and we also went to the last Concert in the Park this year with your Grandma. We're going to miss our summer concerts.

We went to an Indian restaurant with my lifelong friend Sarah the other week. What a good time. The food was awesome too.

Our family friend Paula came to visit from Texas, and you met her for the first time! We all went to Chicago, and you experienced your first train ride, water taxi ride and Chicago in general. We used the big double stroller and that was an experience on Michigan Avenue. You took naps in your stroller, and you were amazing throughout the whole day. I'm pretty proud of the fact you can sleep wherever. :) We all think you did better than all of us during the trip. It was hot and we were all sweating.

That night we had dinner with your Uncle Phil at a restaurant near the train station. We had so much fun that day.

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