Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Liam - 6 Months

Highlights from this month: We had your Grandma over for your 6 month birthday, and we carved a watermelon shark for you. We love watching you grow, little buddy!

Weight: 20 pounds 5 ounces

Height: 28 inches

Hair: You still have your mohawk, and yes, we still love it! You're also getting more hair in general! It's awesome to see it coming in now. Sometimes, it looks lighter, and other times, it still looks brown.

Eyes: Bright blue almond shaped eyes. We've been studying  your eyes lately. We think you have your dad's eye color and my eye shape.

Clothes: We are switching you over to 18 month clothing. It fits you really well.

Eating: There have been days where I don't feed you any real food, but I think that was a mistake. Last night, we put you in your chair, and I got the food ready. When you saw the spoon, you lunged for the food! You were so hungry. There's no question about it. You love your food, and you're ready for it.

You like applesauce and bananas the most. Sometimes, I mix it with rice cereal. You like that too.

My plan is to feed you at scheduled times. Maybe, at lunch and dinner time.
Sleeping: You had been staying up till 11p.m., but last night, I gave you your applesauce and rice cereal around 7. You had your bottle after that. You went to bed around 9p.m., and  you woke up around 10:30 for one more bottle before sleeping through the night!

You've been sleeping through the night consistently for a while now, but your bed time has varied. I think the real food helped you a lot last night! You seemed very content.
Likes: You like tummy time now. You are getting strong and enjoying being on the ground! It's great.

You went from hating tummy time and being on the ground to loving it.

You LOVE being outside all the time. You look around at everything, and you never seem to get bored.

Dislikes: Waiting for food is a big dislike for you. Nothing new there. Although, you are becoming more patient.

Milestones:  We've had to stop giving you your baby nook. You are stuffing your whole nook in your mouth. You really scared us when you had your nook completely in your mouth when we were eating lunch yesterday.

Outings: You love walks and runs outside. You even love sitting outside.

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