Saturday, April 4, 2015

Life Lately

I can't tell  you how much I love this picture! Liam is just getting cuter and cuter! I love when I sit with him and take selfies. He's the sweetest.

The weather is getting a little bit warmer, but I think we are still a little bit behind this spring! His owl hat is from his Auntie Meg! I can't believe it's getting a little small.

Happy after eating. :)

We went for a walk where I used to go fishing. I cannot wait for summer when I look at this picture.

We made a little trip to Wisconsin, and visited Bill's sister's family. We went to our favorite water park, and I LOVED being in the wave pool. It really reminded me of summer. I can't wait till I can bring Liam to a pool. He's going to love it. *Hopefully.*

Little Pink Book

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