Monday, April 20, 2015

Liam - 4 Months

Highlights from this month:

Weight: 18 pounds and 1 ounce

Height: I'm not sure! Your next doctor's appointment is in April so we'll find out then. We can tell that you're pretty tall for your age!

Hair: You  still have some of your dark brown hair left. There is one big patch that goes down the middle of your head. It either looks like a comb over over a mohawk depending on how we style it. Either way, I find it pretty cute!

Eyes: Your eyes are the bluest blue, and they have a dark ring around them. I think they're one of your most striking features!

Clothes: We have you in 9 month shirts and body suits. I've switched you over to 12 month jeans, but we still have some 9 month pants that kind of fit you.

Eating: You are consistently eating 6 ounces every feeding.

Sleeping: I can already tell you're a great sleeper. You know how to go to bed by yourself. When you get tired for a nap, you love when I lay you down in your crib where you can stretch out. You are a big napper. Your normal is 4 a day or a little more!

You've been consistently sleeping through the night now. Last night, you slept 8 hours, and after you ate, you went to sleep for another 3 hours! You're amazing. When you wake up around 7:30 or 8, you are in no rush to eat your second breakfast. Ha I pick you up, and I enjoy my breakfast smoothie.

Likes: You LOVE when we talk to you! Basically, you are very social! I love that about. You are starting to love toys. You have a moose and a lovie (elephant blanket toy) that you enjoy playing with on a regular basis.

You always enjoy doing crunches when you are laying on the ground. You lift your head and your legs up when you do your crunches. I think you're trying to sit up. You never get frustrated that you can't sit up yet. You simply enjoy exercising. Ha

When you're tired and we're out, I put you in your car seat, and I start swinging you back and forth. It calms you down almost instantly.

Blowing bubbles is a favorite hobby of yours! Your shirt gets drenched in the process, and it's adorable! You're such a boy!

You have a crazy time in the morning when you are talking so loudly and having fun. I love listening to you in the monitor and then walking into your room. You always smile so big when I say good morning.

You love sitting up or sitting in your chair. You're independent.

Dislikes: You hate being held like a baby. You always need to be facing out whenever someone holds you, because you love watching whatever is going on around you.

Waiting for food will most likely always be hard for you. Ha I'm fully aware of when you need to eat or when you need to nap. I like that though. I never have to guess!

Honestly, you don't have many dislikes. You are a very easy baby most of the time.

Milestones: I'm pretty sure your witching hour went away around 3 months. You get cranky before you go to bed, but once I lay you in your crib, you're fine. I think you've only had a fussy period recently when we were out, and I could lay you down right away once you got tired.

Your crunches are becoming more impressive. You lift your head and legs off the ground by 3 to 6 inches! You have a lot of core strength!

You love sitting up when we support you.

Your talking more and more. Your baby talk is adorable and sometimes very loud. Your dad and I really enjoy it!

Momma's Favorites: I LOVE your sleep sack. You can't wiggle out of it like you can when I would swaddle you. I stopped swaddling you around 3 months when you consistently broke free.

Your nooks are lifesavers when you have yourself worked up. It calms you down, and  you're able to take your nap.

Toys that have a rattle feature are perfect when we are out, and you need some entertainment.

Nick Names: Lee Lee, Little Peet, Twid, etc. I should stop. There are too many. Ha

Outings: We've been taking you to church on Sundays. You made it through the church service this past Sunday! I also love taking you to my mom's groups. I can't wait till you are more aware of the other babies around you.

We've already been on many walks with Kitty. You love looking around and enjoying the fresh air.

You kept me company when I planted my first plants of the year on Sunday. You're already a good gardener.

Love you, little buddy!

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