Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shopping with Mimi and Liam

On Saturday, my mom, Liam, and I went shopping at Macy's! We hadn't been there together since Mother's Day last year when I first told my family I was pregnant. We had gone shopping for maternity clothes. I always remember that weekend. It was one of my favorites. This time around we shopped the sales racks and looked for an Easter outfit for Liam. We didn't find any good Easter outfits, but we did find some amazing clearance items.

I bought five sweaters and one pair of pants for $83! I've never shopped that well! I was pretty happy with what I picked out. My mom and I agree that we always find different things when we shop there.

It was pretty surreal having Liam there. He's so good when were out in public with him. I started taking him out to different places early on, and I think he's used to it now.  I fed him once while we were out. He ate quickly and enjoyed looking around. I think he was in shock. He's never been to the mall before this trip.

Oh, you're probably wondering who "mimi" is? Ha I think we've decided that Liam will call my mom Mimi instead of Grandma. ;)

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