Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Lately

We had an eventful weekend! A birthday party and a visit with Phil made our weekend special. Liam was so smiley when his oldest cousin was holding him.

He loved sitting in a chair and scoping everything out. There were lots of little people to watch.

Liam with his cousin at 3 months and 8 months.

It's so fun to watch all his cousins play with him and love him.

He seems entertained by them too.

Someone turned 5!

Happy Birthday, Sophie!

This also means that Bill and I have been together for 5 years now! We met on March 18, 2010, and his niece was born on March 21! Wow, how has it been 5 years already! Half a decade??

My friend Katie came and visited me and Liam! It was so nice to see her and have her meet Liam.

She brought little treats that are to die for! I honestly would love to have these for my birthday instead of having a cake. They have so much flavor, and they are all unique!

A little Key Lime pie. My favorite.

We went to my mom's house. My mom is so good with Liam. She loves being with them and feeding him. I love watching her with him, because I love watching people love on him. Plus, I also think that I'm seeing how she was with me and my siblings in a way.

And someone discovered their hands... haha

Wilbur was over since my mom was taking care of him for a couple of days. I thought it was funny that he decided to sit by Bill. We joked that Bill was Wilbur's substitute "dad" for the night. Bill's not much of a dog person so I thought it was funny I got him to smile for this picture! LOL

I LOVE watching Phil play with Liam. It's so precious.

Mom and Liam taking a nap. Love you, little buddy!

It was national puppy day the other day. We love our little Kittle so much!

Another one of Phil and Liam before Phil headed out. I think this one is my favorite. I really think it's cool that I had a boy first. Phil never had a brother so it's awesome to have another boy in the family!

We're matching!

Liam wouldn't look at the camera!

I got my new phone this week! Verizon let me move up my contract date by a couple of weeks since I've been a customer with them for 10 years now! I haven't stopped taking pictures since. The iPhone 6 plus takes great pictures. I love this one of Liam's hand touching his lovie.

My dad stopped over for dessert the other night! It cracks me up that there are two lovies in this picture with him and Liam. My baby loves them.

Little Pink Book

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