Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Lately

 Liam with his Grandpa.
Last week was a week that I want to repeat over and over again. It was that good.

The three Williams. :)

Liam wants so badly to sit up by himself.

Weekly trips to Costco are a part of our routine. Liam doesn't mind.

Do you see the snail Liam's staring at? He is obsessed with it. He studies this snail all the time.

It was warm enough to go for a walk outside with Kittle.

I can't get over this photo. Kittle looks like she doesn't know what to think about Liam. I can imagine she is wondering, "Who is this baby who replaced me??"

Our walk was awesome! The sun felt so good!

I went to a woman's conference with my mom at our church on Saturday. I had such a great time.

My mom and her friend Helen.

I loved the decorations that they had at my church. I would want these decorations for my room.

We took Liam outside and hung out by the chickens for the first time.

My friend Sarah came to visit, and we had the best time. I was so glad she got to see Liam.

I love this picture of Sarah and Liam! I know I'll love looking back at this photo in years to come!

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