Thursday, March 5, 2015

Liam's first book

The other night, I came home from my meeting, and Bill told me he had read to Liam. He said that he was smiling the whole time and looking at the book. I had never even thought to read to him yet! I thought that was the sweetest thing that Bill would sit down and read him a book when he's only 2 months old!

I had to have Bill show me how Liam reacted. I was dying to see him smile. I caught a couple of pictures where Liam is looking at the book. His first book was The Giving Tree.

Hah I love his expression here. He's so happy to have time with his Papa.

I'm hoping that Liam always loves when we read to him. I can't wait to see what books he likes and watch him read for the first time. Every little milestone is going to be so much fun with him.

Part of me cannot believe he's already so alert and happy when he hears our voices. Our little baby is growing up!

Little Pink Book

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