Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Liam - 3 Months

Highlights from this month:

Weight: 16 pounds and 3 ounces

Height: I'm not sure! Your next doctor's appointment is in April so we'll find out then. You seem tall to me, but that would only make sense since you have tall genes from both me and your dad!

Hair: You have around 10 long hairs that come down the middle of your head and a couple of patches in the back. It's old man hair as we lovingly put it. Ha We can tell your hair is getting lighter. It's not as dark as dad's brown hair and not quite as light as my auburn hair.

Eyes: Your eyes are turning so blue! It's not a big surprise since both me and your dad have blue eyes.

Clothes: You're in 9 month shirts and pants. Some of your shirts are 6 to 9 months, and I have you in 9 month long sleeve footies.

Eating: You're still having over 40 ounces a day. I can't wait until we can feed you real food at 6 months. It will be fun to see your reaction.

Sleeping: This month was amazing in regards to your sleeping pattern! You started sleeping for 8 hours through the night at 10ish weeks for about a week and a half. It was amazing for both parties involved. Ha For a few days afterwards you would wake up once in the middle of the night for food, but last night, you slept for a full 8 hours again! You're pretty amazing like that.

You are taking 3 to 4 naps during the day. You've been doing that for a while now. We never got you to only sleep at night, but we know you need your sleep during the day too. You love napping in a dark area where it's quiet, and you love being in your bouncy chair.

Likes: You love the snail that hangs from your bouncy chair. You will study that snail for thirty minutes straight sometimes! You love quite dark places for sleeping. You also love making raspberries aka farting noises. If we do it first, you will copy us. It's adorable!

Dislikes: You still hate waiting for food. I don't blame you. You're a growing boy after all.

Milestones: I heard you laugh for the first time today, and it was the most precious thing I've ever heard! I couldn't believe I was actually hearing you laugh. You are smiling so much now than you were last month. You react to us when we talk to you, and you will communicate with your own baby language.

You are so vocal. You make bird noises all the time. Well they sound like bird noises. Maybe a parrot squawking.

You are now entertained by your elephant blanket. It has an elephant head with the softest blanket attached to it. One side is a fleece material and the other is a silky fabric. You love grabbing it and feeling the different materials. Sometimes, you pull the blanket up to your face to feel it. It's ADORABLE!

You like to try and do crunches when you're laying down. You want to sit up! Tummy time is still torture time. I'm hoping you start liking it soon, but if not, it's no big deal. Either way, you are a very wiggly little boy! You can't sit still. :)

Momma's Favorites: Your bouncy chair is still a favorite of mine. You can be right next to me while I work. I'll talk to you, and you love being close.

Nick Names: I love calling you Peet or Little Peet. It's my favorite nick name for you! It's funny. Your Grand mama used to call Phil (your uncle!) "Fred." That was her favorite nickname for him. She used to say, "Ready Freddy?" when we were going somewhere. It was adorable. I can imagine I'll be saying, "Ready Peety?" when you're older. Ha Or I might start right now!

Outings: Lets see... You go to church on Sundays. You went to Sarah's parent's house the other week a couple of times. That was fun having you meet them. You also went to the Museum of Science and Industry the other week! You got lots of attention there, and you were probably the youngest visitor that day!

One of my friends was commenting the other day how this winter has been so long! I feel like this winter has flown by. It couldn't have gone faster for me. She reminded me that I felt that way because I have you. It's true. Adjusting to your newborn schedule has been tough, but it has also made this winter seem really short. I love that!

I'm anxiously waiting for the warmer months when I can take you for a walk everyday. I would love to get outside enjoy jogging and walking with you.

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