Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Honeymoon at Disney World

I've been reminiscing about our honeymoon lately! We have a couple of family members at Disney World right now, and their pictures make me think about ours. I never got around to sharing a couple of our pictures so I thought I would now even though it was 3 years ago!

We spent most of our time in Hutchison Island for our honeymoon, and then the last two days we spent at Disney World. It was my first time there, and we both had a great time!

Our favorite ride was Peter Pan! We love how you feel like your flying over London. It's definitely a magical ride. Ha

The Princesses are so much fun to talk to at Disney World. I remember her asking me if it was my first time at Disney World, and I got tongue tied and forgot to mention we were on our honeymoon!

 Cinderella's step sisters playing their part really well!

We stopped for lunch on our first day. Gosh, I wish we could go back right now!

Both nights, we went to Downtown Disney. The first night, we had Italian food and the second night we stopped for pizza and wine. I loved how we could take a ferry to Downtown Disney from our hotel. We stayed at Port Orleans Resort French Quarter.

We loved staying at the French Quarter! There was a camp fire going where we roasted marshmallows, and one night, we watched Ratatouille outside on the lawn.We have great memories from this place.

I can't believe how many selfies we took at Disney World. Bill usually doesn't like a lot of picture taking, but he let me take several pictures of us. :)

The Haunted Mansion was another favorite! We went on that one a few times!

I can't remember what ride we were about to go on in this picture. It might have been one of my personal favorites where we were strapped in these seats and all the sudden we were lifted up, and there was this big screen ahead of us with clips that made you feel like you were skiing down a mountain or white water rafting. I don't remember the name, but I really enjoyed it! Bill wasn't as excited as I was. Ha

We went to Epcot on our last day. We stopped at Germany where Bill got a pretzel and a beer. I just love this picture!

In France, Bill was picked for a challenge. I think I have a video of this somewhere. It was hilarious to watch.

Bill loved riding on Spaceship Earth. I have to admit, it was pretty fun!

 The host on this safari ride cracked me up with his lame jokes.

Like I said before, I had never been to Disney World before, and I loved that we went there for a couple of days. Bill had been there a few times before this trip. I loved how we both enjoyed it equally, and we couldn't get enough of that Peter Pan ride. We never had to wait to long in a line either! In January, it was in the 80's and not many people were there! This meant our longest wait time for a ride was 45 minutes! Not bad. :)

Of course, I couldn't pass up taking pictures of flowers in January. I wanted to remember there was life in other parts of the country. After all, I was going back to Illinois in the winter where I wouldn't see anything green for several months!

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