Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life Lately

For Valentine's Day, Bill's mom gave us all a vase of flowers. I loved the tulips and the baby's breath. The florist suggested that we put a penny in the vase to feed the flowers, and the tulips wouldn't open as fast.

Liam went to Grandma's house while me and Bill went on a date to the winery. I love how he looks in his hat with his cute cheeks!

There is always a guy playing an accordion on special occasions at the winery. I sent this picture to my brother since Bill gave him a toy accordion for Christmas. I asked him if he had been practicing, and he said that he had been playing it for his girlfriend. Ha

We went to Liam's newborn photo session last week, and he did great! After his shoot, we went out to dinner at Luigi's House. I saw the pictures for the first time today, and I ordered a few of the pictures. Bill really liked them too.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Fat Tuesday at the farm. This morning, I was eating left over King's cake and noticed there was a little toy baby in my bread. LOL I didn't know that it was a tradition to hide baby Jesus in the bread and the person who receives it has to host the party next year. :)

I caught Liam smirking this morning. I really can't get enough of his expressions. So adorable.

It's super cold here lately. Tomorrow morning, the temperature will be around negative 4! Yikes. I'm looking forward to warmer days when I can take Liam and Kittle for a walk and enjoy the outdoors again. Spring will be here soon I hope!

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