Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Liam - 2 Months

Highlights from this month:

Weight: 14 pounds 5 ounces (We got your weight yesterday at your 2 month appointment.)

Height: 23.5 inches We can definitely tell you're getting longer!

Hair: Your hair is brown. You've lost a little bit since coming home from the hospital. You're balding on the back of your head, and you have one big tuft of hair on the top.

Eyes: Your eyes are dark blue.

Clothes: You're in 6 month shirts and pants. Some of your shirts are 6 to 9 months, and I have you in 9 month long sleeve footies.

Eating: You're eating 4 to 6 ounces every 2 to 3 hours. We feed you around 12 times a day. Your doctor said I could start feeding you rice cereal around 4 months or a little earlier. Since you're drinking over 40 ounces a day, you'll be eating solids earlier than 6 months.

Sleeping: You're sleeping mainly in 3 hour stretches, and on a very rare occasion, you sleep a 4 hour stretch. I think you have a four hour stretch once or twice a week. I'm getting used to waking up twice in the middle of the night so it's all good. You've have always gone right back to bed after you eat in the middle of the night. Even if you're awake, I can lay you down in your crib, and you'll wiggle around for a while and then suddenly fall asleep. You're such a good baby.

During the day, you take several naps. You'll be awake for an hour or so two times a day. You have a fussy hour always around 8p.m., and we know that most of the time, you want to be in your bouncy chair with the lights off. We also turn on your Twinkling Firefly frog that you stare at until you fall asleep. Your Grandma likes to say that you're camping when we put you in your chair at night by your frog.

Likes: We can't tell if you like the lady bug or snail that hang from your chair or not. Sometimes, you seem entertained by them and hit them, and sometimes, you seem completely frustrated by them. You love when we just lay you down to sleep. You stretch out and are content. When I try to rock you to sleep, you usually don't like that.

Dislikes: Waiting for your bottle. When you need food, you need it right away! You're so hungry all the time.

Milestones: We're always amazed at how strong you are! You have been standing up on my legs for weeks now. Of course, I'm holding you under your armpits, but your legs have become so strong. We have a really good picture of you doing this from your newborn photo shoot, and the photographer couldn't believe you could do that already. You're getting better at tummy time, but we definitely know when you're done playing on your stomach.

You're smiling when we talk to you. It's the most adorable thing! This morning, I noticed you had a new scratch on your cheek. I asked you why you scratched yourself, and you smiled so big! My heart melts when you smile at me. I just love you with all my heart!

Momma's Favorites: I love your bouncy chair. It's a life saver at night. I put you in your chair and have it bounce. All the sudden, you're content and ready to fall asleep. You love it. I also love your Twinkling Firefly frog. The calming cricket noises are awesome, and I love the way it lights up like there are actual fireflies in the frog's belly.

I love Advent nooks. You'll take your nook mostly at night or right before you take a nap. I like to think it comforts you.

Your Halo sleep sacks are probably one of my most favorite baby items for you. I don't have to worry about a swaddling blanket coming undone. Your dad likes to call you his little sack of potatoes when you're in your sleep sack.

Outings: You've been to church a couple of times already, and you've also been to a pancake breakfast at church as well. Your dad dressed you up in a shirt that has a tie on it. (You got that from your Auntie Meg!) I've been taking you to my mom's groups, and it's so much fun to have you sit on my lap while I'm there. Of course, you've been to my doctor's appointments and to yours. Most of the time, I can get you to sleep beforehand, but I was scared you were going to wake up during an appointment last week. :)

I really can't believe you're 2 MONTHS OLD! Time is flying! I feel like you were just born. Although, you look like you're two months or older.

This second month I've learned your likes and dislikes, and I also feel like I know more of your routine. I love knowing your routine. I feel like I know what to expect from you more and more, and that makes everything less stressful! You're still napping most of the day so I've been able to work during the day. I think when you stop sleeping during the day, I will do most of my work at night and the early morning. For right now, I have a similar work routine.

We love you our little big boy! You're the best thing that has ever happened to us.

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