Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How quickly time has flown.

 Meg holding Liam at one week.

I've been thinking about our visit with Megan and Liam's birth lately! That was such a special time for my family. Meg came home for a home. I hadn't seen her for a year and a half. I really missed her. We spent so much time together during her visit. We shopped for Christmas, tried out makeup tutorials, and talked about Liam's impending arrival. 

The night I went to the hospital, Meg was in Chicago with our brother Phil. I remember excitedly texting them on the way to the hospital and my other family and friends.  Bill and my mom were with me. I love this picture. I'm completely exhausted and beyond happy. Meg and my mom are showering Liam with love and me too. They brought me all my favorite snacks and flowers. They are wonderful like that.

Sunday night they came and visited, and I remember going to the lobby to hang out with them. The Grinch came on the TV, and I felt right then and there like this was my Christmas. We were watching my favorite Christmas movie, and I had just received the BEST Christmas gift ever. It couldn't have been better.

After we brought Liam home, Meg helped with just about everything. She took pictures of us for our Christmas card, helped dress and change Liam, and ran errands for me. She is super aunt. :)

Phil even held Liam too. He's told me before that he thinks babies our weird, but he loves Liam!

Meg snuggled with Liam the most the last two weeks of her visit.

Sweet little baby and his Santa hat. I can't get enough of his Christmas outfits. I still want to dress him in that hat.

Ahhh.... He's so precious.

Pictures of my mom holding Liam before Meg left are rare! Ha We wanted her to soak up every minute of her time with us so we let her hold him all the time.

Bill and Liam chilling. His elf outfit is from Meg. He's a styling little baby.

We played Quelf on mom's birthday.

It's such a silly game.

Meg decorated our tree, and I loved how it resembled a tree from The Grinch.

I took these pictures, the day me and my mom brought Meg to the airport. I was having a hard time with her leaving so naturally I took a couple pictures of her in the car. Ha

I don't think we've ever had a more special time! I loved having my family together. It was kind of perfect that Liam arrived during Christmas time when Meg would have been home anyway. I think I'll always remember this time as one of the best times of my life. Nothing can beat family time and the birth of our first baby. :)

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