Sunday, February 1, 2015

5 Things I'd Tell My Pregnant Self

Slow down and enjoy the journey
I feel like the first half of my pregnancy I really enjoyed being pregnant and loved documenting my cravings and taking belly shots. As I got closer to 30 weeks, I kept thinking about how I was almost done even though that's totally not the case. I think next time I need to remind myself 9 months goes by really fast, and I need to enjoy each part of the journey.  Although, I will admit it was really hard those last few weeks. It gets so uncomfortable to sit or stand and finding a position to sleep in is nearly impossible. That was my experience at least. Anyway,  everything ended up being ok in the end, and I was at the hospital three days before my due date! There's times after you give birth that you'll miss different things about being pregnant or other small rituals that you developed while you're pregnant.
Pack Healthy Snacks
This is a big thing I want to remember.  I never knew how hungry I could be. I had never experienced a hunger as intense than when I was pregnant.  When I was out running errands,  I would usually stop for fast food because I couldn't handle the hunger I was feeling.  I think it's fine to eat out sometimes, but I don't think it's a good idea to get in the habit of all the time.  Next time, I want to have vegetables or a granola bar with me so I have a healthy option. I think that is so much better than eating a high calorie meal.
Take Pictures each week
I took pictures every few weeks and put them on my blog. I loved doing that, and I know I'm going to enjoy reading through those posts especially when I'm pregnant again and I want to compare everything to the first time. I kind of wish I took a picture of each week and then published a huge blog post that included a picture of each week.  It would be more for my record because I would enjoy looking back at it.
Don't Worry about the size of the baby
At 36 weeks,  my doctor was suspecting that my baby was going to be big. She scheduled a growth scan for the next week, and he was measuring big. I was nervous after that, but I shouldn't have been.  There are plenty small women who have birthed big babies so I should have just went with it. I'm giving myself a break since it was my first time, but next time, I'm not going to think twice about the size of my baby. It's better not to worry.
Exercise and Drink a lot of water
I really didn't have to remind myself to drink a lot of water, because I was thirsty all the time when I was pregnant. I just want to make sure I remember I was in the habit of drinking 3 20 ounce water bottles everyday. I felt like I was really good at working out up until 32 weeks when my joints started to ache more and more. I want to try prenatal yoga or a swimming class to help with the achiness that comes when you're farther along. It's also hard working out in the beginning when I was so tired and nauseous, but I know that when I did work out my nausea wasn't as bad! Getting my blood moving was really all I needed to feel a temporary relief.
Most of all, I just want to remember to enjoy being pregnant. There are so many special moments.

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