Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I'm reading: Yes Please

I'm reading Amy Poehler's book Yes Please right now. So far I'm loving how honest she is about her life and career experiences. Also, I loved when she talked about her first pregnancy and first son Archie. It was awesome reading about her experience after I just had my first son a month ago.

Her book is split up into sections titled, Say whatever you want, Do whatever you want, and Be whoever you are. The simple titles of those parts of her book alone make me want to read her book more. This book is great for me to read right now when I'm figuring out more things than ever about myself.

Have you ever started reading a book and realized halfway through that it's the perfect book for you to read during that time of your life?

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Gentri said...

I have had that feeling. There were also times where I stopped reading books because they were not what I needed. haha!

I have never read Amy's book, but i should!