Friday, January 23, 2015

Our 3rd Anniversary!

The start of the year is flying by for us. It's just been weird. Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas this year. I had our Christmas the week and a half before when our baby was born. THAT was our Christmas, and it was the best ever!

I can't imagine a better celebration. It was awesome and surreal at the same time. So when January snuck up on us, we were and still are adjusting to taking care of our newborn. This goes without saying, but our anniversary came pretty quickly. We had our first date in 5 weeks! It felt like forever since we had a date.

We went to Bien Trucha. What a great Mexican place! We had a wonderful time. I ordered fish tacos, and Bill got a burrito. Their margaritas are probably the best I've ever had.

My mom watched our little one and took some of the cutest pictures I've ever seen of him. He's so precious, and I love his smile. Anyway, Bill and I went to a couple of stores and headed back to pick up Liam. It's ironic that the night we went out, he stayed up till 3a.m. Ha

I still have to schedule Liam's newborn photos. I need to do that by next week. Any tips on what blankets or outfits to bring with?

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