Sunday, January 18, 2015

Liam - One Month

 Highlights from this month:

Weight: 12 pounds 0 ounces at your one month check.

Height: 21 inches

Hair: Your hair is brown. Your dad and I were both surprised that you had quite a bit of hair when you were born. You haven't lost it yet. I love that your hair is brown. I totally expected you to have peach fuzz when you were born, and I was so wrong. I love being surprised!

Eyes: Your eyes are a dark blue. When we first brought you home, they looked black to us. They were so dark, and they still are!

Clothes: You are in all of your 3 month clothes! I never bought any newborn clothing, because I figured you would be at least 8 pounds.

Eating: You are eating 3 to 4 ounces during the day, and at night, you are eating 2.5 to 3 ounces. For some reason, you can get by on a little less food at night.

Sleeping: You've consistently needed two feedings in the middle of the night. You sleep for 3 hour stretches, and when you wake up, you need your food right away!

You sleep so much during the day. When we first brought you home, we thought we would try to help you switch to sleeping mainly at night. That didn't work. You love your sleep, and it's hard keeping you awake for extended periods of time.

Likes: Your dad will put you in your chair in your room at night, and you seem to settle down when he does that. I think you like relaxing by yourself instead of us trying to rock you to sleep. I always thought I would be rocking you to sleep in our glider, but I think you prefer to stretch out in your crib or relax in your chair before going to bed. You're so independent. :)

Dislikes: You don't like being changed. When we first got home, you cried the most when we would change you. Also, you don't like waiting for food, but who wants to wait to eat their dinner anyway?

Milestones: You're lifting your head even more now, and when you do tummy time, you're trying to push up with your arms. It's adorable! We love watching you get stronger each day.

Momma's Favorites: I'm loving your cute outfits that we received at your baby shower. I think my favorite so far is your light blue striped footie outfit that has ears on it. In one of our favorite pictures of you, you're wearing that outfit.

Outings: Your very first outing was the Friday after you were born. You went to your very first doctor's appointments at 5 days old. Your Auntie Meg helped me take you to this appointment. You went to Christmas at the farm and Christmas at your other Grandpa's house and Grandma's house. We haven't been to church yet, but I think we will go soon.
Our little one turned one month this week! I've learned so much from our little guy already about being a mom and different things about myself. I'm finding that getting up in the middle of the night to feed him creates a special bond between me and him. Sometimes when Bill is feeding him his bottle, Liam will look around for me if he hears me talking. It's things like that that make me feel so special. Of course, he loves his daddy too. Bill loves to sing to him and can't get enough of how cute he is.

I just love this picture of Liam and Bill! Such sweeties. :)

I can't believe how much you've already grown little Liam. You gained half your body weight in 3 weeks time!! You're pretty amazing! You've been lifting your head since you were in the hospital, and you only continue to get stronger. You use your arms to lift up your head and chest when you're doing tummy time. I love all your expressions. I can tell when you're thinking about something. You have the same expression each time when your lips form this little pout. It's the cutest thing ever.

Love you little, buddy.
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Meg Christensen said...

I love you and Liam and Bill so so so much! I was so lucky to be back home when Liam popped out. I love everything about him. He makes really cute squeaks when he's eating. He makes so many expressions when he's sleeping. His smirk and whistle faces are my favorite. You are going to make a great mom, Patch!