Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family Photos: Christmas 2014

This Christmas was more special than any Christmas we had in a while all because of Liam. We had such a great time just hanging out and taking it easy. We didn't have huge plans other than being together with immediate family.

Liam was pretty much the focus of every picture we took. :) We're having so much fun with him here.

Auntie Megan bought him his elf costume here. Love it!

Pics in front of the tree are much more fun with our new baby!

 I seriously can't get enough of this picture. He's so cute.

Hanging out with dad!

We had Christmas over at my dad's house on Christmas day.

We got new nisse for Christmas from my dad's sister. I displayed the one I got last year in my living room all year long.
I love this picture of me and my baby. I can't get enough of him. :)

We celebrated Christmas at Bill's parent's house a little bit earlier in the week. This is the picture I got of all the grandkids. It's a little hectic with all them. Ha I can't believe there are 10!

The holidays went by way too fast for my liking. Although, I'm so grateful that I got the time I had with all of my family, and I'll always treasure the time we had with my sister here. Now that she's back in Hawai, I'm thinking about all the fun we had together. I can't wait for her to visit again...Hopefully, we'll see her this year!

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