Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Auntie Love

We had Megan, my sister, visit with us for a whole month! She came two weeks before Liam was born and stayed two weeks after. Yesterday, my mom, me, and Liam brought her back to the airport. It was so hard having her leave after the amazing time we had together. My mom and I were both crying.

I loved spending time with her doing simple everyday things like hanging out at home, crafting together, talking for hours, watching movies, and of course hanging out with baby Liam. She went with me to my doctors appointments, the grocery store, Liam's first checkup, and a lot of different things. Her and mom brought me my favorite food to the hospital along with coconut oil for makeup remover, baby gloves for Liam, and flowers. She visited several times at the hospital, and I couldn't be more thankful! I loved having her over at my house too. It was so good having her back home for a while.

It's funny how everyday tasks and errands are that much more special when you're doing them with someone you love. When she first came home we had fun doing makeup tutorials together and finishing our Christmas shopping together. She decorated our Christmas tree as well when I was too pregnant and tired. I'm going to treasure that time together. 

She loves little Liam. Bill made the comment that she is so good with him, and I couldn't agree with him more. I can't wait to have her visit again. We all miss you so much, Meg!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Meeting Liam

Our Saturday started a little slow. We were at home lounging around for the most part. I talked to my mom, and she mentioned going to church later that evening. I told her I would go with her. Bill and I had breakfast over at his parent's farm. I remember talking to his family about my scheduled induction that Monday. I was so excited we had a date set, but secretly, I truly desired for the baby to come naturally. I craved that spontaneous birth story!

I couldn't help but think about how I wanted to try and labor without an epidural. I knew it was going to be especially painful since I would be on pitocin, but I also knew I wanted to try it.

Anyway, after we came home and relaxed, I noticed how my left leg and foot was swelling up and getting bigger than my right. I called the on call service for my doctor's office, and they said they would have the doctor on call call me back. When he called me back he mentioned, I should probably come to the hospital and get an ultrasound of my leg. I went there an hour later and got my scan. The doctor I had spoke to came in the room and explained that there wasn't a clot. He made a couple of suggestions to help me and mentioned my scheduled induction. He said we'll see you Monday or earlier depending on the baby. I should have known that there was still the possibility our sweet boy would make an early appearance.

Bill dropped me off at church where I was meeting my mom. After the service, one of my mom's friends came up and talked with us for a bit. When we were about to leave she prayed for me and my baby. She prayed that I would a safe delivery as well. It was so kind of her! 

Later that night I was wrapping presents in the baby's room. After an hour or so of that, I got up and walked to the living room. My water broke when I was walking to our computer. I couldn't have been more shocked. I called to Bill, and he was so surprised. I always remember his smile when I told him. Pure excitement. When I called my mom, she didn't believe me and had to ask Bill if it was really true. Haha

We went to the hospital soon after that. I thought it was pretty comical that I was seeing the same doctor again who I just spoken to about my leg. I knew then that I wasn't going to have my doctor deliver me, but the one on-call was really nice so I was okay. I remember telling the doctor that I wanted to try it naturally, and he was very accommodating.

The nurses gave me four hours to go into labor, but I was continuing to get braxton hicks contractions. They started me on pitocin, and I was on it for 5.5 hours. After a few hours, I started getting really nervous. My fear was making it worse. I started wanting to hold Bill and mom's hand whenever a contraction came. At the 5 hour mark, I was in more pain than I have ever experienced. I was becoming hysterical. I would fall asleep between contractions only to wake up to a pain level of 10. It was insane! I don't know how else to describe it except to say I was writhing in pain.

I had wonderful nurses though. The one who saw me in so much pain told me, "We don't give medals at the end."

I realized then that the pain really wasn't worth it. Plus, I wasn't even halfway along! I had hours left, and there was no way I was going to continue when the pain was only going to get worse. I talked to my mom and Bill who both agreed and encouraged me to get an epidural. It was also hard for them to watch me be in so much pain.

I had an amazing anesthesiologist. who did a great job administering my epidural and giving me the right amount. It didn't hurt at all. My nurse was also amazing and comforting. She let me lay my head on her and grip her sides so I wouldn't move. Those nurses are the best.

I was more than okay after my epidural again. I felt like I regained my mental and physical strength again. It was a little slice of heaven, and I had no guilt over it. I truly think that was gift from God. I labored for four more hours. I could feel the baby moving down, and I knew I was close. When it came to pushing, I could still feel my contractions building (without the pain), and I knew when to push without being prompted. It was the best of both worlds! My doctor was shocked at how fast I was pushing him out, and basically ran out to get ready to deliver. He came back, and delivered our baby soon after that. I was thankful to only push for 35 minutes. I remember him saying I was going to be a good mom. He was so kind.

Everything turned out so well. Thank you, God! Even though, I didn't have my doctor. I had a great one who stayed hours past his shift to deliver me. Meeting our Liam that Sunday morning was surreal and beautiful. Our little guy has stolen our hearts.

Little Pink Book

Thursday, December 18, 2014

39 Weeks (+3 days)

How far along are you? 39 Weeks and 3 days!

The details: 

*These pictures crack me up. I can't wait to lose the belly!

* My lower back has been aching a lot lately. I think the extra weight is really catching up to me, and my center of gravity is completely shifted (obviously!).

* I had contractions for three hours a night ago, but they never got stronger. Bummer!

* He gets hiccups a couple of times a week, and I think it's probably one of the cutest things!

* I've been so tired lately, and I don't get up if I don't have to. I'm thankful for a desk job at this point.

* I have 3 or 4 favorite shirts that I switch between throughout the week. They're long and comfortable and that's all that matters!

* I keep cashews by my chair that I sleep in each night in case I get super hungry in the middle of the night and need something quick.

* Even though I've been wearing yoga pants more often than I care to admit, I still put on all my makeup each day. I still want to feel pretty even though I feel so big.

* I love having my sister here, and I'm thankful she gets to be here right before he's born. It's pretty special to me. It's also a great distraction when I'm feeling anxious.

* I literally can't believe I'm going to be a mom so soon!

* I'm convinced this will be the best Christmas ever.

Update: I never really got a chance to post this, because I wasn't feeling good. Our baby was born at 39 weeks and 5 days. We were so surprised and happy to have him here early! I'll be posting later today!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

fun gift ideas for the women in your life

{Photo via: Unsplash}

* Perfect shade of Pink lipstick. I'm a huge fan of MAC's St. Germain lipstick. It's the perfect shade of pink and would make a great gift! Plus, it smells like marshmallows. I have no idea why!

* Nice leather purse. There is a huge variety at TJ Max or Marshalls for half the price! If you scope it out, you might find a great brand there.  Tignanello has really nice leather bags!

* A Journal. I love this one with a nice flower design on it.

* Cookie Mixes in Jar. I received a cookie jar one year from a friend, and I loved it! It's a fun gift! Check out some recipes here.

* A crochet scarf. If you know how to crochet, a scarf would make a great gift! Everyone loves receiving something handmade! Check out this link for an easy infinity scarf tutorial!

* Anything from Nordstrom's gift guide. Nordstrom's has a gift guide for women with everything under $100. I think it will help me finish my shopping.

* Urban Decay Palette. I love this Naked2 Basics palette from Urban Decay. It's perfect for an everyday look.

* Slippers. I live in slippers throughout the winter, and I think they would make an awesome gift. Check out these.

* Large Gold Watch. This watch is on sale for one more day, and it looks amazing!

* Moroccan Oil. This Moroccan oil smells amazing and makes anyone's hair look sleek and shiny. Love it!

What shopping do you have left to do? Do you tend to procrastinate when it comes to Christmas shopping?

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

5 Things I'm Thankful for

Wow, I can't believe Thanksgiving was already a week ago! My family and I had such a great time together this year. It was extra special. In the morning on Thanksgiving, Bill and I went over to his parent's house and had breakfast there with them. They always do a big breakfast which is fun. Later in the day around 1, Bill and I brought the turkey, strawberry jello, and other fixings over to my mom's house to cook there.

My brother picked up my mom and sister Meg from O'hare. They flew back on Thanksgiving day, and it worked out perfectly! They came around 3 and we ate a couple of hours later. It was an awesome day! It's so good to have this time together!

On Friday, we went over to my dad's house early in the day and had an early dinner with him. We had stuffed cornish game hens with mash potatoes, gravy, and cranberry. Cranberry was a staple at both my mom's and my dad's house. Bill's family doesn't eat it, but it's an essential with my family!

This is probably one of the most exciting holiday seasons for me and Bill with the arrival of Liam coming soon! Plus, he's my parents first grandbaby! So so exciting! (He's the 10th on Bill's side!) It leaves me thinking about the things I'm most thankful for...

1. Baby Liam and family: I literally am still in partial denial that we're going to have a baby soon...very soon! I was thinking it would be nice for my doctor to induce me early, but I kind of want to see if he will come naturally first and surprise us! We're packed and ready for the hospital. We just need to install his car seat in one of our cars first. Ha I can't wait to give birth and meet Liam. It will seriously be the best day! I'm so thankful that he is a healthy baby, and I'm very thankful for both of our families and their support.

2. God's Blessing and faithfulness: God has blessed me over and over again with good jobs and bosses, a baby (!), and a wonderful husband and family. I feel so lucky this year and truly blessed. I'm so thankful that I can rely on God to guide me through this life. He loves us all so much.

3. Little Pink Book: Why yes, I am thankful for this blog of mine! I know that may seem silly, but I love having a place where I can share my life with my family, friends, and blog buddies and keep them updated on what's going on in my life. Not to mention, it's a great place to write out my thoughts and share my ideas! It keeps everything organized. I also think this blog played a big part in helping me become even more comfortable writing more regularly. It's perfect for the English and Journalism major or anyone interested in writing! I find myself going through my blog archives and reading through what I was doing last year around this time. I'm sentimental like that.

4. Time Together: Meg is home for a while, and I'm so happy that I get to spend time with my sister! Expect lots of family pictures on the blog in the coming weeks. I want to remember this sweet time together right before Liam is born and afterwards. We have a few things planned so far that I'm super excited about it.

5. Books: I've had a renewed interest in reading lately! I've made an intentional effort to read more often instead of watching TV. It's been great! I finished Dad's Fat, the first two Harry Potter books, and I'm halfway through Pride and Prejudice (why didn't I read it sooner?). I got sick of watching TV to keep myself entertained at night, and I found I'm so much happier reading a good book!

I love listing out things I'm thankful for! I feel happy and content... What are you thankful for this year?

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