Friday, November 7, 2014

Pinterest to the Rescue!

I've been organizing and cleaning different shelves around the house lately. I guess you can say I'm nesting! With less than 6 weeks to go till baby time, I'm wanting to redecorate where I can. I haven't used Pinterest for a while, but I started pinning different ideas for decorating shelves.

I was super excited to see what I could find! The first 4 pictures are from my Shelves Pinterest Board.
I pinned this picture, because I loved the idea of using pretty books as a stand for other things like a vase of flowers.

Trays on shelves are popular on Pinterest! I loved this idea!

I'm super impressed by decorating of these shelves. There are different layering dimensions that make it so interesting.

I'm in love with the turquoise and bright pink colors are so lively.

My versions of the shelves above!

I used the tray idea and bought a turquoise storage container that spins. I'm keeping lipstick and lip gloss in it. 

I also used one of the beautiful books that Bill bought me when we were dating and placed my clock from Hobby Lobby on it. For some reason, the clock looks really special resting on that book. My vase of flowers (from Target) on the tray make me think of breakfast in bed. I love it!

This is our hallway shelf. I started by taking all the books down from it, and I only kept the ones I knew I would read. I organized them by stacking some and placing others in an upright position. I just feel it makes it so much more interesting.

And this is Liam's shelf. Bill's sister Tracie painted this shelf and put the orange chevron fabric on the background of it. I didn't want it to be simply lined with books so I added the basket that has smaller books and put a few of his toys in it as well. I had ordered those stuffed animal aardvarks and put them next to the orange fabric. I love the way it looks!

I have a feeling I'll do a couple more things to decorate. I haven't done much with the living room lately so that will be next.  I can't wait to post about it!

Do you have any ongoing projects right now?
Nesting is a real thing. Don't you agree?

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