Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Prego Halloween Costume


I had been wanting to have a Halloween costume of sorts, and last week, Meg found this MR. Potato Head costume for me. I loved it!! Thursday night, Bill and I went to a few stores, and I picked up felt from Michaels and a pregnancy t-shirt from Target.

We came home and googled pictures of Mr. Potato Head, and Bill cut out the face for me. He's pretty artistic so I knew he would do a great job. I'm not artistic like that at all. I hot glued the pieces of the face onto the shirt while I was wearing it so I knew it would look right. I just slipped a piece of felt underneath my shirt so it wouldn't burn me.

I loved how it turned out! It wasn't time consuming in the least, and it made for a fun costume to wear on Halloween!

How was your Halloween?
Did you dress up?

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