Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Juns Family Surprise Baby Shower

Reacting to my surprise shower!

All the little ducks! Loved it!

My mom and I!

Playing the Price is Right game.

Other contestants on the Price is Right. :)

Beautiful crochet blanket from his Nana. He'll have a Nana (Bill's mom) and a Mimi (my mom). So excited!

The Liam sign that Aunt Katie made! We love it!

Jim doing his comedy bit in a makeshift diaper with a nook around his neck!

Laughed so hard it made me cry!

Reese laying her head on Liam. ;)

I had the best weekend, friends! I knew that Bill's family was going to throw us a baby shower at some point since Bill's mom and I talked about it a while ago! I've been trying to anticipate it for weeks now. It was a surprise party since Bill's family loves surprising people including me. :)

I had almost given up trying to predict what weekend it would be. Bill told me it was on my due date in December because of bad planning. I knew he wasn't going to give away anything so I gave up! Ha

On Saturday, we lounged around the house for most of the day and took a nap in the early afternoon. I had raked some leaves in the morning and was pretty tired later in the day. After our nap, we went to town and had a bite to eat before we went grocery shopping at Meijers. Bill's brother Tom called and asked us to pick up a gallon of milk for him. I should have known something was going on!

We left the store and pulled into the farm to drop off "Tom's milk." I saw cars parked up by the barn and thought that was weird so when we pulled up to the shed I asked Bill, "Is this my party?" He half smiled and said no. LOL The automatic shed door went up, and everyone was there ready to celebrate! I was pretty shocked and of course happy!

I don't think I've ever been to a crazier baby shower! They played the Price is Right game complete with the TV show's soundtrack and their cousin Jim hosting the whole thing. Jim also did a comedy bit to warm everybody up. It was great! I was laughing so hard, I started to cry! I had so much fun.

Also, they had little rubber ducks everywhere on the tables. I picked up a few of them to decorate Liam's room. Since we have four ducks as pets, I thought it was a really sweet idea!

Everyone gave me and Bill these awesome gifts for Liam. I was completely overwhelmed in a good way. I'm in the process of sorting his gifts and organizing everything right now. I think nesting is taking over. I also reorganized our hall shelf to make it look more modern. I have it almost finished, but I'm picking up a couple of things to beautify it. I think I'll be organizing and cleaning till Liam comes! I can't wait!

Little Pink Book

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