Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Goals

I'm loving these monthly goals that I'm doing! Before I get to my October goals, I'll go over what I did in September!

1. Read Two Books

I read two this month... The first one I read is Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. I loved this book! Jim is a Christian comedian who has 5 kids and lives in a two bedroom apartment with his wife in New York. I thought he was joking the first time I heard he lived in a two bedroom apartment! He really does. The stories he has are pretty hilarious.

The second book I read was the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This might seem like an odd read for a 27-year-old, but I've never read the series. I've been wanting to for years, and I'm determined to read all the books. The first one was really good! I love fantasy books like this. I love reading about the relationships develop between Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

2. Find Organizational Shelves for Baby's Closet

 Let's see... I spent a morning cleaning out the remnants from the closet in the baby's room and found two medium sized storage containers with drawers. I also found a hanging shelf that has 5 or 6 compartments to it. I didn't end up needing to buy anything! I have everything organized for him with everything I just mentioned. I washed and folded all of his clothes from the baby shower. I like going in the room to just look at all his clothes! :)

3. Sew a couple of Scarves for Fall

I didn't do this one. I decided to use the scarves that I already sewed last year since I'm working on a crochet baby blanket. It's a quarter of the way completed, and I love it so far! It seem more practical to work on a blanket for the baby instead of another scarf for me. Ha

Now for my October Goals!

1. Read 2 more Books

One of them will be the second book from the Harry Potter series and the other will be a surprise. :)

2. Develop an Exercise Routine

I have found that I feel so much better after exercising even if I it's hard starting. I'm feeling really tired again with the extra weight and all. I'm achy in my back and legs, but once I start exercising I don't feel as bad! I'm thinking about doing my favorite workout DVD 3x a week and on the other days I'll have a list of exercises on a note card that I'll do. I'm also thinking of taking this pregnancy aquatic class. One of the classes is this Thursday. I really want to go but we'll see.

3. Get Fabric for Curtains in the Baby Room and Sew them!

This is an important goal! I have to get these curtains selected and sewed in October when my mom can help me with them. It's one of the last big things we have to do for his room. We have the crib set up, the baby's gliding chair is here, the room is painted, and we even have new windows in the room! We're doing good!

4. Finish Liam's Room

I don't think I have ever mentioned our baby's name on the blog yet. His full name is William like his dad, but we're calling him Liam! I'm so so excited to meet him. I can barely wait. Like I mentioned above his room is almost complete, but there are a couple of things left to do. I have to get an old tall bookshelf out his room and replace it with his toy chest. Fortunately, we just got a small shelf from Bill's sister Tracie. She painted it white and put this orange chevron fabric on the back of it to decorate it. I love it! I'll post pictures as soon as it's all ready.

What do you have in mind for October?

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Lynn Lindquist said...

Hi Natalie! If you have that book by Jim Gaffigan, I'd love to borrow it. I think he's hysterical. I'm glad to see you're doing great.