Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Walk with Kittle

Fall walks are one of my favorite things to do especially with our family dog, Kitty.

(Side note: Phil, my brother, named her Kitty as joke. :) We also call her Kittle, Chucky, Chuckles or whatever you want. Her nicknames are endless.)
This was a particularly warm day for fall when the leaves were just starting to change.
Kitty was so happy to be out and walking. She loves the outdoors!
I tried to get her to pose next to the golden corn stalks. She matches and all you know. Never mind my hand in the picture.
Here you go... We both mastered the profile pose.
Kitty LOVES horses!
Sometimes, I'll lift her up, and she'll say hi to them. She's mesmerized by these magnificent animals.
Just watchin....
Checking out their place.

My little hot puppy.

Partially in summer and partially in fall! I'm going to miss the summer. Is that a funny thing to say when it's mid October? I'm holding on tight to my summer memories.

We also explored mom's garden a bit.
Love the little decorations she has out.

Kitty was tired after her walk.
Mmmmm Nap time!

Her famous frog leg pose.

So tell me friends...
Does the leaves changing make you wish for the holidays?
Or do you miss summer even more?
Or both?
Let me know what you think!

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