Monday, September 8, 2014

Trip to Phil's

Last Sunday, my mom, Bill, and I went to Phil's apartment in Chicago to visit with him! I had a great time exploring his cute neighborhood. The streets were lined with unique stores and restaurants. It was awesome. First we had some lunch. Everyone but me had sushi.

I had a really good soup. I loved the broth. We walked around for a while. Bill had researched video game shops in the area and found a good one. He found a rare controller that he has never found before so that was cool. I needed a pick-me-up afterwards so we went and got a strawberry banana smoothie. It was amazing!

Mom and I walked into a designer sample shop where she found a cute cross body bag in a adorable lavender color. We went back to Phil's place afterwards and had apple pie. In this picture, Phil must be reacting to something goofy I said. Ha Love his expression!

He's not a huge fan of pictures. ;)
Mom on the other hand loves pictures!
Bill and I about to leave for home. We had such a good time with you, Phil!
I love this picture! Phil shirt cracks me up. "Don't hassle me I'm local."

I'm wishing I had of worn capris or something. I think this particular pregnancy shirt will look much better with capris or pants. You can't tell, but I'm wearing shorts in this picture. I don't know how the shirt could be so long! Ha

I've been searching for the right purse lately. I returned the one from the previous pictures. I only had it for a couple of days. This purple purse above is one I got from Coach last October. I'm enjoying using it again! It's funny how I realized I really liked a purse that I already had.

Coach, of course, isn't selling this one anymore, but they have a few shoulder bags that are pretty cute!

Check out this one.

Or even this one is cute! Although, I'm a bigger fan out the outlet versions!

Happy Monday, friends!
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