Monday, September 29, 2014

Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

Fat puppies and chubby babies are probably the best. There's so much cuteness in this photo. I don't know how this baby is sleeping with all the puppies on him!

I've been having some crazy pregnancy dreams lately. Last night, Bill and I ate late and went to bed soon after. I had the weirdest dreams and so did Bill!

Here's what mine looked like.

Panicking about a class:

I had this dream before being pregnant, but it was more intense this time. I got super nervous because it was the middle of the semester in college, and I just remembered that I had forgotten about my math class. I just stopped going to it after a few classes, and then mid terms came and went and I remembered I had a math class! It was basically my worst nightmare to have a math class. I woke up from that dream and realized that I'm not in college and my jobs have nothing to do with math! Woohoo!! I hate anything to do with math if you can't tell.

Boy Mom Dream:

I had a dream where Bill and I had our baby boy, and we just knew we were going to keep having boys. At the end of the dream, we had three boys! Ha. This dream is kind of my favorite. I always thought I would be a boy mom even before we knew we were having a boy. Naturally, I kind of believe this dream, but we'll have to wait and find out. :)

Iraq Dream:

This is by far the weirdest dream I've had. My mom, Bill, my brother Phil, and my sister Megan and I were driving together. Phil started talking about how he was going on a trip, and he was going to bring Megan. I was jealous that he was only bringing Megan. I kept asking him where he was going, and he finally told me that he was going to Iraq. I was so upset that I wasn't going with them to Iraq that I jumped out of the moving car and walked away. LOL I still have no idea why Phil was going to Iraq or why I  wanted to go with him!!

There's been more dreams, but I can't remember them at the moment. I think I'll keep on documenting them this way when I have some more odd ones.

Anyone else experience crazy dreams while pregnant?

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